Thermal comfort rating rollout – resources for assessors


The following operations note and accompanying recordings provide information on how to install and run the trial version of AccuRate that includes thermal comfort rating.

It should be noted that this special AccuRate version can only work with scratch file generated by another NatHERS software, such as the commercial AccuRate Home, BERS Pro, FirstRate5, or HERO. It cannot be used for NatHERS energy star rating purpose.


Operating notes for AccuRate Home thermal comfort v1.2.3.23

To view a recording of the process to load scratch files and run thermal comfort assessment in the trial version of AccuRate please click on the relevant NatHERS software below.


The interim version of AccuRate, that includes comfort ratings for NatHERS Climate 1 dwellings, is to be sought from the CSIRO contact below.

Dr Dong Chen

Senior Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO Energy