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The CSIRO-led Darwin Living Lab is part of the City Deal.  It will test new heat mitigation measures and inform tropical urban design for future Darwin.


What is an Urban Living Lab and what are its benefits?

Urban Living Labs (ULL’s) bring together local community expertise with trusted scientific expertise to try new ways of doing things and measure whether they work or not.  ULL’s operate in a real place and experiment on locally-relevant issues that produce real and robust outcomes.

Each year CSIRO partners with 3000+ organisations across 80 countries. We bring these extensive innovation networks and capacity to Darwin – to work locally with its people.

The key outcomes of the Darwin Living Lab will be measurable improvements in Darwin’s liveability (whilst also meeting parallel objectives of sustainability, productivity and resilience). New knowledge and experience produced will be translated into products and services for other tropical cities (Australia and ASEAN).


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Registration to the Darwin Living Lab Community Hub will provide a way for us to keep you informed and to allow your local voice and knowledge to guide scientific trials and studies.

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