Science and collaboration to support a liveable, sustainable and resilient Darwin

The CSIRO-led Darwin Living Lab was established to foster improvements in the liveability, sustainability and resilience of Darwin City. It is an initiative under the Darwin City Deal and, initiated in July 2019, is a 10-year collaboration between CSIRO and the partners of the Darwin City Deal: Australian Government, Northern Territory Government and the City of Darwin.

The Darwin Living Lab is governed by a management committee with representation from all partners to ensure a collaborative approach to deliver actions under the Darwin City Deal and key strategies. In particular, the ‘Feeling Cooler in Darwin’ Heat Mitigation and Adaptation Strategy and the City of Darwin Greening Strategy 2030.

The CSIRO Science Strategy for the Darwin Living Lab focuses on supporting a cooler and more sustainable Darwin through collaboration, experimentation and collective learning in the following areas.

  • Indoor Environment: how to design and create cooler and more energy-efficient buildings?
  • Outdoor Environment: how to cool and green the city for liveability in a changing climate?
  • Navigating Change: how to use science and technology to track progress and inform decisions?

Contacts for further information

Dr Tim Muster

Darwin Living Lab Project Manager

Stephen Cook

Darwin Living Lab Coordinator