Darwin biodiversity values survey

October 21st, 2022

Couple walking through Casuarina Coastal Reserve, Darwin

We believe Darwin’s residents and visitors possess a wealth of knowledge about the natural aspects of the city. This understanding, and often long-lived experience, is rarely reported in the scientific literature or available when management decisions are made.

We’re interested in hearing what you know about Darwin’s animals, plants and habitats. We aim to present a community-based understanding of biodiversity and identify the natural and green places around Darwin that are highly valued both in the past and today.

We acknowledge the long history of connection to Country by the traditional owners of the greater Darwin area. This project is co-led by Larrakia and we would be grateful to hear how Darwin has changed for the Larrakia people and how this affects their culture and use of Country.

This survey now closed!


We are currently analysing the wealth of knowledge shared by everyone who completed the survey and will start providing details on this page or more posts to this website as we complete each section.

Darwin community and visitors birdwatching at Lee Point

In this survey we’ll asked for your stories and knowledge of Darwin’s natural biodiversity.

  • How liveable is Darwin?
  • How do natural places keep you cool?
  • What do you think about trees?
  • What’s the future of living in Darwin like?
  • Where are your favourite natural or green places?
  • What do you know about Darwin’s biodiversity?
  • What should be done to protect Darwin’s biodiversity?

For further details on what this survey involved and how your knowledge will be acknowledged please read our Participant Information Sheet.

Mother and son enjoying the mangrove boardwalk, East Point, Darwin