The BMTF has a PC2 laboratory for high throughput biological testing and materials evaluation; as well as an ISO 7 clean room for materials synthesis, processing, fabrication, and surface coating. It also includes a wet lab for standard chemical processes and a robotically controlled high temperature furnace room for preparing ceramic biomaterials.

Our facility includes the following:

Biological Evaluation Laboratory

Two fully enclosed (HEPA filtered) Perkin Elmer automation platforms comprising:

  • Janus automated liquid handling workstations (4/8-tip Varispan, 96-well MDT dispenser)
  • 6-axis robotic handler with gripper arm for plate movement across workstations
  • Ensight multi-mode reader with fluorescence well-imaging, bright field and digital phase-contrast imaging, ultra-sensitive luminescence, fluorescence, absorbance (filter/monochromator) and time resolved fluorescence (TRF) detection,
  • Operetta high content imager with temperature & CO2 environmental control for live cell imaging, spinning disk confocal and a range of long WD objectives (D).

Chemical & Polymer Synthesis Equipment

  • Vaportec Flow Reactor
  • Polar Bear Flow Synthesiser
  • Biotage Microwave reactor
  • Radley Reactor-Ready Batch Reactor (1,3 & 5 litre)
  • SARTOFLOW crossflow filtration system

Polymer Processing Equipment

  • Twin screw Mini Laboratory Extruder
  • Compression Moulder
  • GeSiM Bioscaffolder 3D Printer (in a Class 2 Biosafety Cabinet)

Polymer Coating Equipment:

  • Laurell Spin Processor
  • Exactacoat Ultrasonic Spray Coating system
  • SCS Precision Dip Coating system
  • SCS Parylene Coater
  • Diener Plasma Reactor
  • MBraun Inert Atmosphere Glovebox
  • Fusion Light Hammer UV Grafting System

Furnace room

  • Robotically controlled facility for the synthesis of ceramic powders