Biological Evaluation

Using current cell-based technologies within automated high throughput platforms, CSIRO’s BMTF Biological Assessment Laboratory can interrogate biomedical materials, compounds and delivery systems for the accelerated development of MedTech products.


In the BMTF Biological Assessment Laboratory we provide a range of expertise including

  • human cell/stem cell 2D & 3D culture systems,
  • in vitro cell assay development,
  • molecular and protein biology,
  • biochemical analysis
  • high throughput assay development
  • experimental design for biological interrogation

The use of automated systems enables high throughput screening over multiple time points for efficient and enhanced significant savings of time and provide or improve predictions for de-risking of pipelines to pre-clinical testing in vivo.

What can we do?

Biological analyses of novel biomaterials and bioactives including

  • evaluation of human and species cellular toxicity response mechanisms,
  • biochemical, molecular and metabolic response pathways,
  • stem cell lineage specialisation and functional responses.