BMIC’s work – Ideation, Training, Mentoring, Experimenting, Publishing – is by nature collaborative.

For an efficient, pleasant and fruitful collaboration, please follow the framework below:

  • Engaging with us at ideation allows us to:

    • Provide expert knowledge to shape your idea for maximum imaging impact.

    • Anticipate potential roadblocks & bottlenecks in experimental design that could impede imaging.

    • Anticipate and organise your training needs.

    • Plan to best support you and your project outcomes.

  • Planning ahead allows us to:

    • Accommodate the needs of 100+ BMIC users.

    • Organise your first training as early as possible (usually 2 weeks after project discussion).

    • Train with relevant material prior to important experiments to maximise benefits, anticipate problems and ensure training is fresh in your mind.

  • Checking-in with us regularly allows us to:

    • Monitor your results and identify technical issues early to provide extra support, training and tailored mentoring.

    • Provide guidance for interpretation and presentation of results to ensure science excellence.

  • Involving us in the preparation of publications allows us to:

    • Ensure that the microimaging work and its interpretation are publication-quality when BMIC staff are co-authors, or being acknowledged. Please send us a copy of the manuscript prior to submission for review and feedback.

    • Ensure BMIC facilities are properly acknowledged in all cases.

We look forward to collaborating with you!