A Knowledge Bank of Management Effectiveness for Natural Resource Management

The Australian Natural Resource Management (NRM) community, including individual land managers, indigenous and Landcare groups, national research organisations and government agencies have a wealth of knowledge about NRM. However, that knowledge is not systematically organised, easily accessed or mobilised for decision making.

The Knowledge Bank of Management Effectiveness will consolidate and organise evidence about the effectiveness of NRM activities to support the NRM community and government agencies to make informed, strategic decisions about on-ground management.

The initial development will occur over two years to June 2017.

Phases that underpin its development include:

  • information architecture development
  • a systematic literature review
  • identification of knowledge gaps
  • recommendations for targeted monitoring
  • development of a system of confidence rankings for management effectiveness evidence
  • identification of the limits and opportunities of inferring evidence.

More detail is available in the project flier.