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Ecological engineering for biodiversity adaptation to climate change

Managing contemporary environmental needs whilst ensuring Natural Resource Management (NRM) investment is future-proofed to withstand climate change is a key challenge for environmental managers in the 21st century.
To address this challenge, the Department of the Environment and CSIRO are collaborating to identify and develop a new generation of climate-smart ‘ecological engineering’ approaches.

The project defines ecological engineering as ‘the design, manipulation or construction of self-sustaining ecosystems for the mutual benefit of humans and nature’. This term is being used in place of ‘ecological restoration’ because restoring characteristics from pre-existing communities may not be viable with impacts from climate change.

The project will:

  • review a range of ecological engineering techniques for facilitating climate-resilience in NRM
  • undertake in-depth research to ascertain the viability of one of the most promising ecological engineering techniques for NRM – climate-adjusted seed provenancing
  • establish research infrastructure and collaborative partnerships to support a growing evidence base into the effectiveness of some ecological engineering techniques.

More detail is available in the project flier.