Lead Investigator

  • Fabienne's key roles in the project include project management, engagement and outreach with the stakeholder community, and improving the smoke emissions module in the AQFx system. She is also interested in developing underpinning modules that target smoke forecasts to specific at-risk industries (e.g., viticulture, apiculture, solar energy, aviation) and using drone platforms, multi-spectral imagery and low-cost smoke sensors to improve smoke emissions from the smouldering coarse woody debris.

Martin Cope

Lead Investigator

  • Martin has worked in the area of air quality modelling and applications for over 30 years. He has been employed by CSIRO as a Principal Research Scientist for more than 20 years and over this period has contributed to air quality science in Australia. His principal area of research has been into the development of models which describe the sources and formation of biogenic and anthropogenic secondary gases and aerosols in the Australian atmosphere.

Julie Noonan

Lead Investigator

  • Julie is an atmospheric modeller. Her key contributions to the project include dynamic plume rise modelling, outreach and engagement.

University of Tasmania

Project Manager

  • Megan assists the project team in various aspects of project management and is supporting the overall delivery of AQVx through project management and communications.

Principal Investigator

  • Fay leads an interdisciplinary research group at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research that investigates how the environment influences health – particularly air pollution from landscape fires and wood heaters, aero-allergens (such as pollen) and extreme heat. Her team developed and now runs the AirRater smartphone app (, which supports individuals to protect their health from smoke pollution, pollen and heat. Fay is contributing to this project by providing advice on the updates to AirRater and how best to engage with key stakeholders, including the health sector.

Principal Investigator

  • Grant is a landscape and fire ecologist and spatial analyst. He is currently a Research Fellow working with the NSW Bushfire Risk Management Research Hub, developing modelling tools to improve prescribed burn planning. He developed and runs the data systems behind both AirRater and AQVx and will play a key role in this project through his work on the collection, blending and visualisation of observational and modelling data.

University of Melbourne

    Jeremy Silver

    Principal Investigator

    • Jeremy has a background in applied statistics and mathematics, and has worked in air pollution modelling, biostatistics and bioinformatics. He completed his PhD on data assimilation for air pollution models. In this project, Jeremy will be leading the assimilation of satellite and surface observational data to enhance AQFx forecasts.