Smoke Observation Network

September 20th, 2021

As part of this activity we will improve the near real-time smoke observation capacity.  This will aid in model validation as well as contribute to the regional assimilation and bias reduction system. These will be developed as part of the prototype system.

Observational data include:

  • Data feeds from State Environment Agencies air quality monitoring networks
  • Data feeds from low-cost particle sensor network
  • Satellite observations

Through the project we will deploy over 100 low-cost particle sensors (SMOGs) into data sparse, smoke impacted regions. This will enhance existing observational networks. The SMoke Observation Gadget (SMOG) unit was developed by CSIRO and a local engineering company 4Volts in 2017 as part of a STEM project ( Since then further developments and improvements have been applied to the original SMOG units in partnership with 4Volts (now 4Research). The deployment of extra SMOG units around Australia will significantly enhance the Australia-wide smoke observation network.

We will also optimise satellite-sensor algorithms for smoke detection over Australia.

The enhanced smoke observation capacity will significantly improve the potential for decision makers to undertake real-time analysis of smoke extent and exposure.