2020 Schedule

Date Speaker Host
20/02/2020 Simon Krattinger Sam Periyannan/Ricky Milne



2019 Schedule

Date Speaker Host
26/03/2019 Cathryn O’Sullivan Anna Campbell/Sigrid Lehnert
09/04/2019 Mary Kelly (CEAT) Colleen MacMillan
07/05/2019 Julianne Lilley & John Kirkegaard John Passioura
04/06/2019 Justine Lacey Sigrid Lehnert
18/06/2019 Andrew Ash Sigrid Lehnert
16/07/2019 Lightning Talks: Water

  • Peter Thorburn: Not so sweet – public pressure on the sugarcane industry
  • Rose Brodrick: Why do we grow irrigated cotton in Australia?
  • Mathew Cook: Who would have thought Aquaculture had a social licence issue to do with water?
Sigrid Lehnert
23/07/2019 Petra Kuhnert Colleen MacMillan
06/08/2019 Caitlin Byrt (ANU) Ricky Milne
13/08/2019 Lightning Talks: Social Licence and Agriculture R&D – Ethics and Community Engagement

  • Larelle McMillan: Engaging with Indigenous Traditional Owners – our role as researchers
  • Emma Jakku: Social Licence, Responsible Innovation and Digital Agriculture
  • Michaela Cosijn: Partnering for innovation and how this influenced policy in Indonesia
Sigrid Lehnert
20/08/2019 Andrew Moore John Passioura
27/08/2019 Dan Szymanski (Purdue University) Colleen MacMillan
29/08/2019 Kevin Folta (University of Florida) Jose Barrero/Ricky Milne
10/09/2019 Ricky Milne John Passioura
08/10/2019 Lightning Talks – Social licence for agriculture – climate and biodiversity impacts

  • Ed Charmley: Environmental Impacts of Livestock Production
  • Peter Hunt: HalveChem – Reducing Chemical Use in Agriculture
Sigrid Lehnert
22/10/2019 Zoe Mellick (Queensland University of Technology) Colleen MacMillan
05/11/2019 Craig Wood Christina Gregg
19/11/2019 Filomena Pettolino Colleen MacMillan
25/12/2019 Neil McRoberts Christina Gregg
26/12/2019 Anastasia Volkova Rose Brodrick/Sigrid Lehnert
04/12/2019 Alon Samach Christine Böttcher

2018 Schedule

Date Speaker Host
27/02/2018 Professor Katrien Devos (University of Georgia) Colleen MacMillan + Jen Taylor
8/03/2018 Dr Maciej Maselko, University of Minnesota TJ Higgins and Colleen
20/03/2018 (additional) Dr Chris Sørensen (Aarhus University) Kathy Dibley
10/04/2018 Lightning talks CANBERRA.

  • Mark Peoples, Research Director – Crop Improvement for Novel Plant Products (RP3)
  • Jess Hyles – RP1 PhD student, Team Leader
  • Anton Wasson – RP2 Research Scientist
 Colleen MacMillan
24/04/2018 Professor Jane Langdale (Oxford) Gonzalo Estavillo & Colleen MacMillan
 8/05/2018 Brett Ford Colleen MacMillan
11/05/2018 Madeline Mitchell Colleen MacMillan
 22/05/2018 Lightning talks BRISBANE.

  • Mat Cook, Research Director – Aquaculture (RP6)
  • Michelle Colgrave – Team Leader (RP4)
  • Cecile Godde – PhD student (RP8)
Anna Campbell and Sigrid Lehnert
29/05/2018 Assoc. Prof. Manoj Karkee (Washington State University) Raj Gaire (Data 61)/Kathy Dibley
 19/06/2018 Lightning talks ARMIDALE.

  • Drewe Ferguson, Research Director – Livestock Program (RP4)
  • Alison Holdhus Small – Principal Research Scientist RP4
  • Angela Lees – Research Scientist RP4
Marielle Babineau, Sabine Schmoelzl
 3/07/2018 Lightning talks ADELAIDE.

  • Gupta Vadakattu – Project Leader RP5
  • Lynne MacDonald – Team Leader RP7
  • Nial Gursanscky- Postdoctoral Fellow
 Christine Bottcher
6/07/2018 Anthony Leddin, Plant Breeders Without Borders, VIC Kathy Dibley
 17/07/2018 Loup Rimbaud, CSIRO Kathy Dibley
30/07/2018 Alison Bentley, NIAB UK Kathy Dibley/Alex Whan
 31/07/2018 OPEN
 14/08/2018 Jake Dunlevy –  Wine grapes and Horticulture group  Christine
 28/08/2018 Lightning talks WERRIBEE.

  • Narelle Fegan – Group Leader
  • Danyang Ying – Senior Research Scientist
  • Leonie Walter – PhD student
 Thu McCann / Ed Fox / Regine Stockman / Jared Haynes
04/09/2018 Howard Shapiro (UC Davis) Colleen MacMillan
11/09/2018 Prof Stuart Smyth (University of Saskatchewan) TJ Higgins
17/09/2018 (Mon) Dr Steven Penfield (John Innes Centre, UK) Jose Barrero
 25/09/2018 Saul Newman (SCHOOL HOLIDAYS IN SOME STATES) Colleen MacMillan
02/10/18 Andrea Eveland (Danforth Center, USA) Ben Trevaskis
 9/10/2018 No seminar
16/10/2018 CSIRO A&F Review 2018 Presentation

  • Breeding higher value food crops. Research Program 2. Research Director Lynne McIntyre.
  • Integrated Agriculture. Research Program 5. Research Director Graham Bonnett.
Colleen MacMillan / Meagan Gillespie
 23/10/2018 Lightning talks PERTH

  • Silke Jacques – Research Fellow
  • Pushpa Raju – Research Fellow
  • Hayley Norman – Team Leader
Rhonda Foley
30/10/2018 CSIRO A&F Review 2018 Presentation

  • Breakthrough genetics. (Research Program 1.) Research Director Steve Swain
  • Agriculture & global change. (Research Program 8.)  Michael Battaglia
Colleen MacMillan / Meagan Gillespie
 6/11/2018 Christina Gregg, CSIRO Kathy Dibley
13/11/2018 CSIRO A&F Review 2018 Presentation

  • Digiscape FSP. Director Andrew Moore
  • Aquaculture. (Research Program 6.) Research Director Mat Cook
Colleen MacMillan / Meagan Gillespie
 20/11/2018 Lightning talks CANBERRA

  • Kathy Dibley – Postdoctoral researcher (RP1)
  • Qian-Hao Zhu – Research Scientist (RP3)
  • Thomas Vanhercke – Team Leader (RP3)
Viv Rolland/Colleen MacMillan
26/11/18 (Mon) Dr Christina Ferrandiz Maestre (Polytechnic University of Valencia) Kathy Dibley/Jose Barrero
27/11/2018 CSIRO A&F Review 2018 Presentation

  • Sustaining agriculture soil and landscapes. (Research Program 7.) Research Director Mike Grundy
  • Food. (Research Program 9.) Research Director Chris Downs
Colleen MacMillan / Meagan Gillespie
3/12/2018 (Mon) CSIRO A&F Review 2018 Presentation

  • Productive and adaptive livestock systems. (Research Program 4.) Research Director Drewe Ferguson
  • Breakthrough Genetic Technologies (Research Program 1.) Research Director Steve Swain
Colleen MacMillan / Meagan Gillespie
11/12/2018 Dr Madeline Barton Colleen MacMillan


2017 Schedule

Date Speaker Host
28/03/2017 Donald Gardiner Colleen
11/04/2017 Bala Thumma and Saro Thavamanikumar Colleen
2/05/2017 Louise Thatcher (30 mins)

Jens Berger (30mins)

Colleen & Rhonda
16/05/2017 Martin Mascher (IPK Gatersleben, Germany) Kathy
17/05/2017 Andrea Sonnino (Food & Agriculture Organization of the UN, Italy) Washy / Kathy / Tony Agostino
23/05/2017 Melen Leclerc (INRA) Kathy / Sarina
30/05/2017 Lydia Bousset (INRA) Kathy
13/06/2017 OPEN
19/07/2017 (Wed) Jui-Rui Wang (Sichuan, China) Jose/Gonzalo
27/06/2017  OPEN
03/07/2017 Dominique Bounie Dan Walker
19/07/2017 Ji-Rui Wang, Sichuan Agriculture University Gonzalo/Jose
24/07/2017 (Mon) Ming Zheng (30 min) & Wei Hua (30 min) (Wuhan, China) Xue-Rong/TBA
25/07/2017 OPEN
8/08/2017 Thea King Colleen
22/08/2017 Rob Sharwood (RSB, ANU) Viv
12/09/2017 Karen Frick Colleen / Rhonda
15/09/2017 (Fri) Kent Chapman (University of North Texas) Kathy / Anna
19/09/2017 no seminar
10/10/2017 Professor Shawn Mansfield (UBC Canada) Colleen
17/10/2017 tbc- Diana Ortiz Kathy
31/10/2017 Kerry Fluhr (CSIRO BD&C) … on the “status of CRISPR CAS” Colleen / Sally
14/11/2017 Zhong-Hua Chen (Western Sydney University) Viv
27/11/2017 Caixia Gao (IGDB CAS) & YaoGuang Liu (SCAU) Steve/Ming
01/12/2017 Prof David Kramer (DOE-Plant Research Laboratory, Michigan State Uni) Gonzalo
05/12/2017 Thomas Kroj (INRA) Colleen / Mick Ayliffe
08/12/2017 Jean-Benoit Morel TBA / Colleen / Mick Ayliffe


2016 Schedule

Date Speaker Host
9/02/2016 Matthew Chang Colleen (Surinder)
1/03/2016 Frank Gubler Colleen
22/03/2016 Uday Divi Colleen
5/04/2016 Irum Aziz Colleen (Regina)
6/04/2016 John Lunn JP (Colleen/Gonzalo)
19/04/2016 Maxim Kapralov (Liverpool John Moores University) Vivien (Colleen)
26/04/2016 Hugo Alonso-Cantabra (ANU RSB) Gonzalo
31/05/2016 Nathan Brown (Department of Industry, Innovation and Science) Washy
10/05/2016 Hanna Susi Colleen
17/05/2016 Matt Hill Luke
24/05/2016 Pip Wilson (ANU RSB) Gonzalo
7/06/2016 Kai Chan (ANU RSB) Gonzalo
14/06/2016 Corne Pieterse Washy
21/06/2016 Anna El Tachy Colleen
28/06/2016 Vivien Rolland (CSIRO) Colleen
12/07/2016 Alexander Ivakov (ANU) Gonzalo
26/07/2016 Edgar Liu (University of Melbourne) Colleen
9/08/2016 Navreet Bhullar (ETH-CSIRO) Jen (Gonzalo)
23/08/2016 Professor E Johnston (UNSW ViceChancellor Research) Colleen
06/09/2016 Peter Ryan Colleen
13/09/2016 Hiro Nonogaki (Oregon State University, USA) Jose (Gonzalo)
20/09/2016 Xin Hou (ANU RSB) Gonzalo
25/10/2016 Peter Crisp (ANU RSB) Gonzalo
1/11/2016 Xiaoqing Li (CSIRO A&F) Gonzalo
8/11/2016 Open
22/11/2016 Sigrid Lehnert (CSIRO A&F) Colleen