Engineering nitrogenase into plants: 50 years of research and hints of success


05 November 2019

Time and Venues


Local Time

Adelaide Waite Campus – B101-FG-R00-BoardWICWest

12:00 pm

Armidale – B55-FG-R00-Small

12:30 pm

Bribie Island – B01-FG-Small

11:30 pm

Brisbane St Lucia QBP – Room 5.140

11:30 pm

Canberra Black Mountain – Discovery Lecture Theatre

12:30 pm

Irymple (See Natalie Strickland)

12:30 pm

Narrabri Myall Vale – Conference Room

12:30 pm

Perth Floreat B40-F1-R46-Rossiter Room

09:30 am

Sandy Bay (Hobart) – River View Room

12:30 pm

Toowoomba – Meeting Room

11:30 pm

Townsville (see Liz Do)

11:30 pm

Werribee (Melbourne) – Peacock Room

12:30 pm



Dr Craig Wood, CSIRO Agriculture and Food, Activity Leader



Global bioeconomies are dependent upon the $100 billion nitrogen fertilizer industry. Numerous labs are working to engineer the naturally evolved bacterial nitrogenase directly into plants, a GM based approach built upon decades of basic research and recent advances in plant synthetic biology. In this seminar I will outline the fascinating biology of nitrogenase and highlight the breakthroughs made in the last 3 years for engineering this unique enzyme into plants.


About the speaker

Craig has a PhD as a soil microbiologist (Sydney University) before training at a Max Planck Institute for Molecular Plant Physiology. This was followed with 17 years at CSIRO in epigenetics of vernalisation, lipid biochemistry, commercialisation of GM safflower and, currently, nitrogenase.



This is a public seminar.

Open-access to The CSIRO Discovery Theatre @ Black Mountain