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Making “cents” of cell wall biosynthesis

Posted by: Colleen MacMillan

September 18, 2017


Tuesday 10 October 2017


12:30 AEDT – Canberra Armidale Werribee; 12:00 ACDT – Adelaide; 11:30 AEST – Brisbane; ;  09:30 AWST – Perth


CSIRO: Black Mountain – Discovery Theatre; Adelaide Waite – B101-FG-SmallWICWest; Brisbane QBP – Level 3 South telepresence room (3.323); Armidale – B55-FG-R00-Small; Perth Floreat – B1b Boardroom; Werribee (Melbourne) – Peacock Room


Professor Shawn Mansfield Canada Research Chair in Wood and Fibre Quality, University of British Columbia


Prof Mansfield is a world leading (and shorts-wearing) plant cell wall molecular biologist who studies the spatial and temporal biosynthesis of major plant cell wall polymers. Much of his research focuses on xylem development in plants, generally using Populus and Arabidopsis as model organisms. The research uses a unique combination of molecular biology, biochemistry, analytical chemistry and plant cell wall characterization to elucidate secondary cell wall deposition during active development. Although the research programs are curiosity-driven and fundamental in nature, the results have the potential to be translated into economic and environmental value for the long-term sustainability of Canada’s renewable sector.

UBC Tree Molecular Biology Research Lab’s areas of research include:

  • Tree biotechnology
  • Relationship between genes expression and phenotypic fibre characteristics
  • Plant Metabolism (Metabolomics)
  • Cell Wall Development
  • Cellulose Biosynthesis
  • Lignin Biosynthesis
  • Lignocellulosic chemistry and ultrastructure as it relates to wood quality
  • Fibre morphology and chemistry as related to the formation and properties of paper
  • Enzyme applications in the pulp and paper industry
  • Enzyme-substrate interactions


This is a public seminar.

Open-access to The CSIRO Discovery Theatre @ Black Mountain