Workspace 6.9.0 release notes

March 1st, 2021

The following list shows features added and issues resolved in this version:

WORKSPACE-7931 – QtTreePropertyBrowserConnector crash
WORKSPACE-7934 – ImageTileSet labels are wrong when using layout JSON
WORKSPACE-7877 – Update Simple Application serialization to interface with QtTreePropertyBrowser
WORKSPACE-7895 – CreateImageTileSet operations: Add input to specify tile layout
WORKSPACE-7929 – WorkspaceTabWidget does not emit currentChanged signal when a workflow is loaded
WORKSPACE-7947 – Extend CreateImageTileSet operation to accept an ObjectDictionary and/or ObjectArray of images
WORKSPACE-7762 – Ability to open a script operation as an entire workspace tab
WORKSPACE-7905 – SchedulerFeature ctor not using the count parameter
WORKSPACE-7975 – Provide a RMB context menu option to replace an operation
WORKSPACE-7957 – Incomplete output of workspace-batch
WORKSPACE-8039 – Exception raised when running GetImageFromArrayNd
WORKSPACE-8081 – Attribute ‘argv’ is missing from the ‘sys’ module in Python plugin
WORKSPACE-8158 – Open workflow via command line no longer works
WORKSPACE-8137 – Update screenshots in tutorial to include WorkspaceOutput
WORKSPACE-8138 – Right clicking on canvas produces a QtWarning log
WORKSPACE-8114 – Typos in replace operation code
WORKSPACE-8091 – Dragging and dropping a nested workflow from the catalogue results in an unnecessary replace operation question
WORKSPACE-8055 – Connection to an upper-level workflow is not restored in a replace operation undo
WORKSPACE-8054 – Undo for connections that cannot be replaced is not working as expected
WORKSPACE-8053 – Editor shows multiple connections to the same InputScalar when only 1 exists in reality
WORKSPACE-8052 – Replace operation is able to form multiple connections to the same input
WORKSPACE-8037 – workspace-gui crashes on exit
WORKSPACE-8017 – Make undo-redo stack so that replace operation can be undone with a single undo
WORKSPACE-8016 – Removing a connection when replacing an operation must happen from the find operation side
WORKSPACE-8015 – Error in restoring connections when connection source is being replaced and destination is an InputArray. We are looking for InputScalar.
WORKSPACE-7991 – Provide an option to give the replacement operation a new label
WORKSPACE-7990 – Change the display in the Replace operation dialog box
WORKSPACE-7987 – Auto-set the type for a polymorphic operation (replace operation) if it is something we can determine
WORKSPACE-7986 – Test replace operation with various/garbage polymorphic data types.
WORKSPACE-7984 – WorkspaceInput global names should show up on the Root/Top-level workflow
WORKSPACE-7982 – Uploaded image for project: ‘Workspace’
WORKSPACE-7981 – When asking if the operation is to be replaced, provide a checkbox that has the option “Best effort”. If “best effort” is checked, then don’t display the dialog box.Rename the “Find and replace” dialog box to “Replace operation”
WORKSPACE-7979 – Expand logging – Log any failures to restore/replace
WORKSPACE-7978 – Split “Connections” into 2 tables – Connection source being replaced and Connection destination being replaced
WORKSPACE-7977 – When a connection cannot be` restored, display “No valid source” or “No valid destination” instead of a blank combobox
WORKSPACE-7976 – Replace operation dialog box should an option to reset connections to default
WORKSPACE-7974 – Connection destination array indices can be made selectable via a combobox
WORKSPACE-7973 – Hide the operation UUID columns in the “Replace operation” dialog box
WORKSPACE-7893 – Fixed crash in workspacetabwidgetimpl
WORKSPACE-7891 – Fix doxygen warning “Warning: The file /source/b/Install/doc/Workspace/dynsections.js does not exist, skipping it…”
WORKSPACE-7889 – MacOS shows 32 build failures on the nightly build report
WORKSPACE-4835 – Add a “Replace operation” command to the GUI
WORKSPACE-8096 – Create a tutorial for the workspace-diff tool
WORKSPACE-8131 – Remove debug info from SqlDataModel
WORKSPACE-8133 – Some less-used developer tutorials have several empty code sections
WORKSPACE-8136 – Incorrect screenshot in polymorphic data operation tutorial
WORKSPACE-8137 – Update screenshots in tutorial to include WorkspaceOutput
WORKSPACE-8138 – Right clicking on canvas produces a QtWarning log
WORKSPACE-8139 – Typo in SimplePlugin CMakeLists.txt file prevents compilation
WORKSPACE-8140 – Update tutorial references from VS 2017 to VS 2019
WORKSPACE-8144 – Warnings for CMProduction MacOS build related to array3dtyped.h
WORKSPACE-8149 – Usage issues with ObjectArrayLoop and TranslateObjectDictionary