Workspace 6.0.0 release notes

December 2nd, 2019

[WORKSPACE-5408] - Merge Rendering Plugin branch changes into trunk to allow OpenVR plugin support
[WORKSPACE-5781] - Expose command line parameters in PackageExecutableItem operation
[WORKSPACE-6656] - Add nearest neighbor sampling for 3D volume rendering
[WORKSPACE-5601] - Create a new widget or extend the current FileNameWidget to allow the selection of multiple files
[WORKSPACE-5647] - Add Configuring Widget Properties section to Advanced Developer Topics
[WORKSPACE-5681] - Add operation widget for script operations
[WORKSPACE-5682] - Add sound effects for when a workflow completes and fails
[WORKSPACE-5695] - Add PlaySoundEffect operation
[WORKSPACE-5704] - Display widgets in workspace-gui should default triggerUpdates property to false
[WORKSPACE-5739] - Add search functionality to SQL table widget
[WORKSPACE-5757] - Improve loops in workspace to clearly define the loop boundary, avoiding "circular dependency" errors
[WORKSPACE-6482] - Update Qt 5.12 LTS for next Workspace release
[WORKSPACE-6518] - Use a BigInt for SplitAndLodPointCloud that does not use Boost
[WORKSPACE-6528] - WSGLRenderer::renderScene should handle exceptions or cater the postRender with RAII
[WORKSPACE-6541] - Create "Filter Dimensions" operations for ArrayNd
[WORKSPACE-6560] - Change GetDataSeriesFromArrayNd to not return false when ArrayNd is empty
[WORKSPACE-6575] - Improve SplitAndLod distance function to be inversly proportional to patch density
[WORKSPACE-6577] - Ensure SplitAndLod patches are always square, regardless of the point cloud's aspect ratio
[WORKSPACE-6578] - SplitAndLod: Decouple the number of patches from the octree structure
[WORKSPACE-6579] - Automatically compute the required number of patches based on the total number of points in the cloud
[WORKSPACE-6622] - Add "number" column to the workflow differences widget to make it easier to navigate large diff lists
[WORKSPACE-6633] - Create HDF5 query operation to retrieve a set of visible models in a scene based on a camera's world coordinates
[WORKSPACE-6635] - Operation to retrieve a MeshModelInterface at a uniform LOD from within a specific BoundingBox region of a Scene
[WORKSPACE-6640] - Make InputArray iterable
[WORKSPACE-6641] - Add convenient "getElementData" method to InputArray to return QList of pointers to underlying data.
[WORKSPACE-6661] - Creating connections to variables anywhere in a workflow by accessing them globally
[WORKSPACE-6713] - Ability to hide Variable, WorkspaceInput and WorkspaceOutput operations (or at least their connections)
[WORKSPACE-6714] - Reduce the size of WorkspaceInput, WorkspaceOutput and Variable operations to make them less prominent
[WORKSPACE-6716] - Ensure globally accessible variables are serialised with the workflow
[WORKSPACE-6736] - Update application wizard template to automatically save/load window geometry and state on close/open.
[WORKSPACE-6746] - Add ability to create a new top level variable from a Workspace Input (or Workspace Output)
[WORKSPACE-6768] - Ability to render point clouds with Texture2DBuilder
[WORKSPACE-6820] - Replacement FileLoop workspace-based loop for FileIterator
[WORKSPACE-6837] - Incorporate capability for input data accumulation from ConditionalLoop into other Loops
[WORKSPACE-6869] - Need to visually indicate inputs/outputs that can't be deleted
[WORKSPACE-6873] - Required inputs/outputs -- stop allowing renaming and type changing
[WORKSPACE-6874] - Hide dependency outputs for loop types
[WORKSPACE-6891] - May 2019 UI Updates Feedback
[WORKSPACE-6903] - Loops: hide outputs of type "dependency" on the interface of the loop operation. One dependency (the default) is sufficient.
[WORKSPACE-6932] - Need a way to label (or auto-gen a label) on collapsed op miniracks
[WORKSPACE-6985] - Show/hide dependency inputs/outputs on all operations (optionally just mini ops)
[WORKSPACE-7005] - Undo move goes too far
[WORKSPACE-7016] - Create operation to render a camera frustum to a MeshModelInterface
[WORKSPACE-7020] - Pre-release testing of Workspace 6.0
[WORKSPACE-7031] - Change 'show dependencies' to be a toggle button
[WORKSPACE-7032] - Operations with no ports should always show the dependency port
[WORKSPACE-7033] - Dependency ports should always be visible when globally named
[WORKSPACE-7045] - Move code to register/deregister mini operation rack out of MiniOperationRack
[WORKSPACE-7066] - Change operation coordinate system to be center-based
[WORKSPACE-7114] - Operation to retrieve specific LOD (MeshModelInterface) from a MeshModelInstance
[WORKSPACE-7147] - Mini operations should have a progress bar
[WORKSPACE-7154] - Update D61 logos in Workspace editor
[WORKSPACE-7170] - Modify dependencies tooltip to mention specific hotkey and describe what it does better
[WORKSPACE-7171] - Make drop targets for mini-ops invisible until user is hovering over them during a drop action
[WORKSPACE-7194] - ForLoop Dependencies aren't shown by default
[WORKSPACE-7242] - Update WSGLScreenTests reference images to reflect latest changes
[WORKSPACE-6650] - Update coding standard for various C++11 and Workspace features
[WORKSPACE-1629] - Workspace canvas items changing positions on save/load
[WORKSPACE-3053] - "Focus" shortcut key (F) needs to be documented
[WORKSPACE-3296] - Icons for input/output used in Workspace tree don't match those used on the workflow
[WORKSPACE-3542] - Removing InputArray element does not correctly update connection paths to sibling elements
[WORKSPACE-3696] - Clicking on SelectInput brings all inputs up to date
[WORKSPACE-3745] - Need to avoid doing workflow updates when user selects certain operations
[WORKSPACE-3874] - Vertical align of operations fails
[WORKSPACE-4576] - Vertical align of workspace canvas operation elements does not work correctly when Workspace element contains other elements
[WORKSPACE-4622] - Render Chart to Image not generating correct images
[WORKSPACE-4765] - Array labels out of sync
[WORKSPACE-4853] - Port rack label background box does not resize correctly sometimes
[WORKSPACE-5246] - Error dialog on workspace-gui startup - "Entry point not found" for sceneGraphBackend
[WORKSPACE-5336] - Workspace backup dialog appears behind the splash screen on OSX
[WORKSPACE-5490] - Pinned rack disappears whilst moving over element of different rack
[WORKSPACE-5575] - Antialiased points are not being rendered correctly
[WORKSPACE-5690] - Graceful shutdown of scheduled workflows
[WORKSPACE-5694] - Moving multiple operations simultaneously broken
[WORKSPACE-5747] - Workspace should not warn about plugins that are built with the same version of VS but with a different Update number
[WORKSPACE-5772] - ObjectArray serialisation sets attribute to the wrong item
[WORKSPACE-5799] - FilenameWidget no longer displayed in global names table
[WORKSPACE-5804] - WSGL rendering cache always initialises to 512MB on application startup, regardless of settings
[WORKSPACE-5824] - Throwing exception from BlockingTask::task() causes the caller thread blocked indefinitely
[WORKSPACE-5828] - Allow workspace-server and OOP scheduler to not deserialize workflow
[WORKSPACE-5834] - HDF5 mesh reader does not use workspace-relative pathing
[WORKSPACE-5856] - WriteByteArrayToFile adds extra 4 bytes to file
[WORKSPACE-6474] - Geometry shader causing shader compilation issues with NodeColoringShader on OSX and Windows
[WORKSPACE-6475] - Attemting to compile NodecoloringShader's geometry shader on platforms that don't support it results in loads of QWarning message
[WORKSPACE-6519] - Issue in SplitAndLodPointCloud where two LOD levels end up with the same distance value
[WORKSPACE-6520] - CountedLoop wrap option no longer works
[WORKSPACE-6527] - Error logs in WSGLShaderProgramImpl::addShaderToProgram expecting a format that does not match
[WORKSPACE-6548] - Assert in WSGLScreenSpaceLayersImpl::setLayerCaptureEnabled when enabling transparency
[WORKSPACE-6549] - Crash in CreateTransferFunction2dFromColorSpectrum
[WORKSPACE-6558] - Stack overflow when opening sample filter ArrayNd dimensions workflow
[WORKSPACE-6573] - ArrayNd - dimensions of size one are filtered out in ChartImpl::createVariant
[WORKSPACE-6576] - With very large datasets, the HDF5MeshModelInterface failes to either read or write some position data
[WORKSPACE-6581] - AxisModel appears to have only 1 of 3 segments rendered
[WORKSPACE-6584] - SelectInput index should have special widget that does not allow the user to select an index higher or lower than the available range
[WORKSPACE-6587] - ColorStateShader is broken
[WORKSPACE-6588] - CreateTransferFunctionFromColorSpectrum ignores alpha values when "Use Gradient as Alpha" is unchecked
[WORKSPACE-6596] - Diff tool crash
[WORKSPACE-6598] - TTMath (used for BigInt in SplitAndLod) does not compile properly on Windows
[WORKSPACE-6602] - CreateChart changing Style input has no effect
[WORKSPACE-6621] - Only include mkspecs in PackageThirdParty if we ship Qt headers and shared libs
[WORKSPACE-6644] - Packaging will fail if the git commit number starts with '0x...'
[WORKSPACE-6648] - ObjectArrayAccessor default "index" widget input should have a validator placed on it to avoid out-of-bounds errors
[WORKSPACE-6756] - Recent change to storing WorkspaceInput/WorkspaceOutputs internally within Workspace in std::map instead of std::vector potentially causes update order issue
[WORKSPACE-6757] - Incorrect operation property dialog shown
[WORKSPACE-6766] - Crash when undo explode contents on a workflow with an output
[WORKSPACE-6771] - Connection unexpectedly found in call to WorkspaceImpl::removeConnection after renaming operation, explode contents
[WORKSPACE-6779] - Connection placement behaviour is random and inconsistent
[WORKSPACE-6788] - Crash on exit of Workspace-gui due to operation selection changing
[WORKSPACE-6812] - WorkspsaceScene leaking between changes to root Workspace
[WORKSPACE-6829] - Latest all-in-one tools package on OSX does not have framework symlinks included correctly
[WORKSPACE-6841] - Cloning of inputs from outputs of same name doesn't seem to work for ForLoop with QStringType
[WORKSPACE-6861] - New Workspace Loop Minor Issues
[WORKSPACE-6885] - Undo/redo actions do not reposition mini operation racks correctly
[WORKSPACE-6910] - Loops: descriptions are still the Workspace base description, rather than that of the derived class
[WORKSPACE-6915] - ws: relative paths are breaking inside for_loops
[WORKSPACE-6918] - FileLoop: Adding "Current file name" output produces unexpected behaviour
[WORKSPACE-6919] - FileLoop: Required inputs are prevented from being deleted but their connections still are deleted after the warning is displayed
[WORKSPACE-6920] - ForLoop: Changing loop bounds during loop execution is totally ignored
[WORKSPACE-6921] - Can't nicely line up tiny input with operation to yield straight connection lines
[WORKSPACE-6923] - ChartToImage draws blank image
[WORKSPACE-6934] - Moving selections led by a miniop doesn't work
[WORKSPACE-6939] - Undo of adding an operation to a mini op rack fails. Trying to then add the op back to the rack then causes a crash.
[WORKSPACE-6940] - If a variable is flagged as an error source (e.g. adapter fails), it grows from a mini op into a full operation
[WORKSPACE-6945] - Loops: New loop operations allows user to delete "Current file name" input which should be read only
[WORKSPACE-6946] - Every time the user clicks on an operation, an IOModel is created that is only deleted when the operation is deleted
[WORKSPACE-6956] - Creating new WorkspaceInput/WorkspaceOutput operations from context menu creates them in strange places
[WORKSPACE-6957] - Exiting mini-op racks does not collapse the rack in certain circumstances
[WORKSPACE-6958] - Mini op rack pin button disappears after racks are moved. Reappears after rack is hover entered again.
[WORKSPACE-6961] - With "Connection Port Display Trigger" set to "On operation click" it takes two clicks to close any displayed input/output on an operation
[WORKSPACE-6962] - Mini op racks containing only a single operation are not "collapsed" by default, causing them to have empty output racks visible
[WORKSPACE-6963] - Hovering mouse above an input does not highlight it nor display its tooltips anymore
[WORKSPACE-6984] - Undoing a delete on a mini-operation that is in a mini-op rack does not restore it to that rack. Attempting to then add the operation to a rack causes a crash.
[WORKSPACE-7002] - Adding a WorkspaceInput inside a ForLoop prompts too early
[WORKSPACE-7003] - Ops moving around randomly
[WORKSPACE-7009] - Undoing nest of rack leaves it in a state that won't expand
[WORKSPACE-7010] - Assert minioperationrack.cpp:831 when making a new rack
[WORKSPACE-7012] - RenderingPlugin: Arrow glyphs not shaded in Workspace Trunk (5.10.0) - Lambert shader bug
[WORKSPACE-7018] - Chart widget does not save image properly
[WORKSPACE-7022] - Fit workflow to canvas doesn't fully include mini operations sometimes
[WORKSPACE-7023] - Nesting a selection of operations via the context menu shortcut is no longer undoable
[WORKSPACE-7024] - FileLoop crashes
[WORKSPACE-7025] - Undo a delete of all operations in a mini-op rack does not restore the rack
[WORKSPACE-7030] - Mini operation rack is lost when nesting a workflow
[WORKSPACE-7034] - Zoom fit all ignores mini operation racks
[WORKSPACE-7035] - Connection anchors should be hidden when their connections are hidden as a result of mini-op fade/hide
[WORKSPACE-7036] - Incorrect position of nested workflow when nesting mini operations
[WORKSPACE-7037] - Charts do not refresh when scalar values changed quickly
[WORKSPACE-7048] - RenderingPlugin: Vertex winding order appears reversed
[WORKSPACE-7054] - HDF5SceneReader clearAccumulation doesn't work properly inside a new loop
[WORKSPACE-7058] - Large point cloud visualisation: LOD levels not showing correctly
[WORKSPACE-7060] - OSX: WSGLVolumeRenderer does not work with WSGLOffScreenRender
[WORKSPACE-7062] - Asserts when running generatescreentest
[WORKSPACE-7065] - assert() invoked on exit when rendering a textured object using the WSGLOffScreenRender
[WORKSPACE-7072] - Accumulate using InsertIntoObjectDictionary within CountedLoop doesn't "Reset accumulation" properly
[WORKSPACE-7074] - Wireframe using nodecoloringshader (and others) looks wrong
[WORKSPACE-7081] - Assert when turning on solid+wireframe with sphere-glyphed points
[WORKSPACE-7105] - Crash when modifying end-value during loop execution
[WORKSPACE-7108] - Crash in ObjectDictionaryWidget
[WORKSPACE-7109] - Graphics effect for faded mini-ops needs to be applied to attributes also
[WORKSPACE-7118] - SSH Login operation fails
[WORKSPACE-7123] - Sample workflows failed to execute missing “First iteration?" input.
[WORKSPACE-7125] - Assert when copy-pasting loop body between two different loops
[WORKSPACE-7126] - Lock indicator sometimes doesn't show up with new loop operations
[WORKSPACE-7141] - Loops: Dialog to create matching output whenever an input is created creates an output regardless of user response
[WORKSPACE-7160] - Assertion and loss of all connections - minioperationrack.cpp:1043
[WORKSPACE-7172] - Crash when moving mini-operations around
[WORKSPACE-7176] - Set description of default Dependencies inputs/outputs to include shortcut key information for show/hide
[WORKSPACE-7177] - Focus button on the toolbar with shortcut documented
[WORKSPACE-7186] - Update fonts on ReleaseNotes (What's New) dialog
[WORKSPACE-7188] - Workspace 5.11.2 Debug Build Crash on Variable Move
[WORKSPACE-7193] - OSX: Workspace-gui and Workspace-batch fail to load in Debug mode
[WORKSPACE-7203] - Attributes on mini operations not greyed out when the operation is
[WORKSPACE-7204] - Regardless of hide/fade settings, newly created mini operations are not faded (but their connections are)
[WORKSPACE-7207] - Operations not loaded as 'faded' if fade mode is selected. Attached connections are though.
[WORKSPACE-7212] - It's possible to copy a read-only operation to a new nested workflow, after which it is still impossible to delete
[WORKSPACE-7216] - Unable to reorder operations in a rack
[WORKSPACE-7221] - test_json test failure (no Qt event loop available)
[WORKSPACE-7222] - test_adaptors test failure (no Qt event loop available)
[WORKSPACE-7225] - Toggle state of Dependencies action out of sync on Workspace startup
[WORKSPACE-7227] - Crash when navigating into nested Workspace
[WORKSPACE-7228] - Workspace 6.0.0 (RPM fails to load on CS cluster
[WORKSPACE-7229] - Crash when redoing delete external workflow command
[WORKSPACE-7235] - Crash on removing Data Member with focus from New Composite Datatype
[WORKSPACE-7251] - Duplicate UUID on "First iteration?" repair crashes when looking inside workflow
[WORKSPACE-7254] - Unable to compile code generated by wizards
[WORKSPACE-7255] - Wizards should not use both virtual and override in the same signature
[WORKSPACE-7265] - sample_python_mesh_interface.wsx does not work anymore
[WORKSPACE-7284] - Simple application: Log viewer logs messages from workflow twice on start up
[WORKSPACE-7287] - Backspace and back arrow doesn't work on mini rack labels
[WORKSPACE-7288] - Selected free-standing mini operations should not show their rack boxes during a move event
[WORKSPACE-7325] - CMProduction against WS 6.0: undefined reference to `pthread_atfork'
[WORKSPACE-6658] - Update the Workspace UI to handle frequently accessed Variables (and Inputs/Outputs) more effectively
[WORKSPACE-6847] - Create nested workflow tutorial (this doesn't fit in the looping one now)
[WORKSPACE-6848] - Create nested workspace tutorial sample workflow
[WORKSPACE-6866] - Turning on "Enable parallel looping" crashes workspace (I have trouble reproducing this but it did occur a couple of times)
[WORKSPACE-6867] - FileLoop workspace lets you delete its required inputs and outputs
[WORKSPACE-6868] - ForLoop lets you delete its dependency output
[WORKSPACE-6870] - ConditionalLoop doesn't stop if Wrap is ON and EnableLoop is OFF
[WORKSPACE-6872] - ForLoop seems to totally ignore the "Enable loop" value and assumes it is on
[WORKSPACE-5692] - Ability to use remote settings from file (or database)
[WORKSPACE-5760] - OperationRunner only brings root workflow's first output up to date
[WORKSPACE-4397] - Workspace wizard code needs to be updated to C++11 standard
[WORKSPACE-5725] - Json adaptor returns error on empty string
[WORKSPACE-5780] - CountedLoop shows 100% progress while still completing final iteration
[WORKSPACE-5782] - PartitionedVector reserve, resize crashes
[WORKSPACE-6508] - Out of date input back propagates when not modified in place
[WORKSPACE-5371] - Counted loop error highlight when operation in body fails
[WORKSPACE-6498] - String items in ObjectArray/Dictionary -> JSON conversion not escaped correctly
[WORKSPACE-6502] - GetJsonItem operation
[WORKSPACE-6504] - GlobalNameSerializer shouldn't print known names to ignore
[WORKSPACE-5852] - Progress bar keeps animating if workflow aborted
[WORKSPACE-6582] - Unneccessary printout to console due to concurrent process backup file being skipped
[WORKSPACE-6625] - Unable to load workspace-gui on Ubuntu 18 LTS
[WORKSPACE-3293] - Enhancement ideas for Workflow Diff tool
[WORKSPACE-6703] - Sample workflow for "External workflow" tutorial is not usable as it stands
[WORKSPACE-5759] - Add support for grouping of WorkspaceInput, WorkspaceOutput and Variable operations
[WORKSPACE-6751] - Workspace PLY reader performance
[WORKSPACE-6753] - Add PlyWriter support for uint8 and uint16 values
[WORKSPACE-6869] - Need to visually indicate inputs/outputs that can't be deleted
[WORKSPACE-7031] - Change 'show dependencies' to be a toggle button
[WORKSPACE-7033] - Dependency ports should always be visible when globally named
[WORKSPACE-7066] - Change operation coordinate system to be center-based
[WORKSPACE-6789] - Invalid destination ports visible during set connection event
[WORKSPACE-6792] - Connection end not shown when hovering over other end - valid connection port not shown
[WORKSPACE-6812] - WorkspsaceScene leaking between changes to root Workspace
[WORKSPACE-6980] - Diff tools canvas issues after UI updates
[WORKSPACE-7022] - Fit workflow to canvas doesn't fully include mini operations sometimes
[WORKSPACE-7023] - Nesting a selection of operations via the context menu shortcut is no longer undoable
[WORKSPACE-7030] - Mini operation rack is lost when nesting a workflow
[WORKSPACE-7034] - Zoom fit all ignores mini operation racks
[WORKSPACE-7036] - Incorrect position of nested workflow when nesting mini operations
[WORKSPACE-7040] - Labels not shown on inputs and outputs when moving over operation
[WORKSPACE-7041] - Unable to set a connection on valid destination Input ports
[WORKSPACE-7047] - Toggle dependency option broken for mini ops in rack
[WORKSPACE-7050] - External workflows remain read-only after being embedded (recursive and otherwise)
[WORKSPACE-7080] - node and element colouring shaders do not end up with a model connected
[WORKSPACE-7109] - Graphics effect for faded mini-ops needs to be applied to attributes also
[WORKSPACE-7146] - Crash when closing application (millsim) in RemoveMiniOperationRackEvent ctor
[WORKSPACE-7009] - Undoing nest of rack leaves it in a state that won't expand
[WORKSPACE-7025] - Undo a delete of all operations in a mini-op rack does not restore the rack
[WORKSPACE-7049] - BlinnPhongShader producing incorrect surface reflectance value
[WORKSPACE-7110] - Crash on selection of Python operation
[WORKSPACE-7162] - Unified datatype reflection/serialisation for PyBind11 exposed datatypes
[WORKSPACE-7159] - Launcher unable to stat() directory
[WORKSPACE-7251] - Duplicate UUID on "First iteration?" repair crashes when looking inside workflow