Workspace 5.4.1 release notes

December 12th, 2018

[WORKSPACE-5634] – Update Python license file
[WORKSPACE-3874] – Vertical align of operations fails
[WORKSPACE-4679] – Floating operation widgets are not deleted when its operation is deleted
[WORKSPACE-4776] – ws:settings:user:python.exe doesn’t work with RunExternalScript
[WORKSPACE-5451] – Copy samples doesn’t create folder if it doesn’t exist
[WORKSPACE-5619] – Cannot add workspace-queue feature to workspace-server
[WORKSPACE-5633] – Workspace server crashes when deleting a queue entry
[WORKSPACE-5685] – Cannot set WSGL camera orbit target correctly
[WORKSPACE-5694] – Moving multiple operations simultaneously broken
[WORKSPACE-5742] – Workspace crash when inspecting an out-of-range mesh node
[WORKSPACE-5744] – Crash in ConnectionRack::~ConnectionRack deleteing pinButton_
[WORKSPACE-5788] – ObjectDictionary Descriptions are written out but not read in
[WORKSPACE-6549] – Crash in CreateTransferFunction2dFromColorSpectrum