Workspace 5.4.0 release notes

July 4th, 2018

[WORKSPACE-5138] – Workspace now ships with Qt v5.9.5
[WORKSPACE-5661] – Workspace now ships with Python v3.6.5
[WORKSPACE-5357] – Left-click drag drop a file from file explorer into the Workspace canvas will now open the workflow file. The same action with a right-click will add import the workflow file as an externally referenced workflow.
[WORKSPACE-1254] – Added new operation to create discrete color scales for use with integer values
[WORKSPACE-1255] – Added operation to create banded color scales for use with floating point ranges with bands of colors
[WORKSPACE-4977] – StringListWidget in the Workspace editor now remembers its range value when re-instantiated
[WORKSPACE-4979] – Operations can set default property values for widgets created in Workspace editor
[WORKSPACE-5321] – Improved highlighting of connections
[WORKSPACE-5324] – Added a Recent Files option to the Simple Application Development Wizard
[WORKSPACE-5327] – Workspace package now includes Workspace diff. This graphical application allows users to view differences between two workflows.
[WORKSPACE-5331] – Added TreeSelectionBuilder operation. It allows lists of selectable items to be dynamically constructed.
[WORKSPACE-5358] – Reduced minimum height of JSEditWidget
[WORKSPACE-5410] – Workspace diff tool can now launch regular external diff tool (i.e. to view differences in XML) from workspace-diff
[WORKSPACE-5414] – Added toggle button for Workspace canvas tooltips
[WORKSPACE-5427] – Added method to assign DataObject to globally named Input via OperationRunner
[WORKSPACE-5530] – SqlDatabaseWidget now provides write functionality
[WORKSPACE-5537] – Added property for ObjectDictionaryWidget to be editable but not allow add/remove
[WORKSPACE-5538] – StringListWidget is now available in QtDesigner
[WORKSPACE-5568] – Added ability to configure Mesh LODs based on density/size not algorithm details
[WORKSPACE-5574] – Operations with a global now are now marked with a graphical indicator.
[WORKSPACE-5592] – FileNameWidget now uses system default file dialog
[WORKSPACE-5598] – Add cmake variable and preprocessor definition for workspace-gui
[WORKSPACE-5611] – Add icons for ObjectArray, ObjectDictionary, ArrayNd

[WORKSPACE-3664] – Fixed abort message when exporting global names on running workflow
[WORKSPACE-3728] – Fixed a bug where OpenSqlDatabase was not closing the database connection after the operation was destroyed
[WORKSPACE-4403] – Fixed warnings when rerunning OpenSqlDatabase operation
[WORKSPACE-4670] – Fixed selection sphere scaling on camera rotate
[WORKSPACE-5043] – Fixed prompt to copy sample files. It was not automatically displayed when upgrading to newer Workspace version
[WORKSPACE-5156] – Fixed plugin wizard which refers to “CMake that came with the Workspace package”. CMake is not included in the Workspace package
[WORKSPACE-5165] – Create custom enum wizard, fixed final page which was editable
[WORKSPACE-5313] – Fixed crash when clicking on a sphere glyph when “triangle element” filter is on
[WORKSPACE-5322] – Fixed connection mouse cursor collision detection
[WORKSPACE-5353] – Fixed CMake failing to launch from Workspace Editor
[WORKSPACE-5425] – Fixed a crash when initializing InputScalarPort
[WORKSPACE-5504] – Fixed a bug where ChartWidget was not updating on show event when it was invisible while the Chart was brought up-to-date
[WORKSPACE-5534] – Fixed a bug where widget properties using Qt enum types are sometimes not displayed in Qt Designer
[WORKSPACE-5567] – Fixed a bug where camera LOD distance bias docs were backwards
[WORKSPACE-5576] – Fixed crash when sometimes accessing Sql models in SqlDatabaseWidget and SqlResultSet
[WORKSPACE-5585] – Fixed a crash in WSGLGridWidget when setting new workflow to run continuously
[WORKSPACE-5596] – Fixed a bug where operation’s sometimes move on mouse enter events
[WORKSPACE-5654] – Suppressed announcement warning message: QtCritical: Failed to set referrer policy: The value ‘strict-origin-when-cross-origin’
[WORKSPACE-5655] – Updated “Overview of the Basics” and “Workspace GUI Tips and Tricks” which had pre-4.0 images
[WORKSPACE-5674] – Fixed data adaptor wizard which did not insert addFactory call to the parent plugin’s setup function