Workspace 3.3.1 Released

February 6th, 2015

Workspace 3.3.1 has been released to coincide with CSIRO’s 2015 Computational and Simulation Sciences and eResearch, Annual Conference – Download it now!

Release Notes – Workspace – Version 3.3.1


  • [WORKSPACE-2912] – Screenshot update: Global names table has changed; screenshots of it in documentation need to be updated.
  • [WORKSPACE-2953] – Old Tutorials
  • [WORKSPACE-2990] – Crash in test_wsglrenderqueuebuilder
  • [WORKSPACE-2991] – When using WSGLWidget on OSX, the Workspace menu bar is briefly made invisible when a new widget is opened
  • [WORKSPACE-2992] – TransferFunctions2D builder crashes when the user attempts to add a triangle widget
  • [WORKSPACE-2993] – workspace-server crashing on install
  • [WORKSPACE-2994] – Workspace 3.3.0-RC1 — Datatype help
  • [WORKSPACE-2995] – Workspace does not run correctly on pre-10.9 (Mavericks) copies of OSX
  • [WORKSPACE-2998] – CMake cannot compile simple test program
  • [WORKSPACE-3000] – CMake warnings (CMP0020) when generating project files for Workspace-based applications
  • [WORKSPACE-3002] – Announcement check crash on http->https redirect
  • [WORKSPACE-3013] – Ability to intercept mouse interactions with Workspace OpenGL widget
  • [WORKSPACE-3026] – Customisable playbackControlWidget