Dive Mechanic

July 20th, 2016

Dive Mechanic is a 3D interactive software tool based on detailed physics and athlete specific data that allows coaches and athletes to visualise and experiment with the aerial phase of platform and springboard dive technique without subjecting the athlete to possible injury risk or training poor technique. The technique of a diver (or a pair of divers in synchronised diving) can be viewed and modified to suit the desired performance and then this technique modification can be trained by the athlete. The software tool helps the coach communicate technique modifications to athletes in an intuitive interactive 3D environment and to demonstrate the consequence of good and poor technique. Improving synchronised diving is also facilitated by independently adjusting techniques of two diver models. It is unique in its capability and the accuracy of the physics and athlete models, and intuitive software interface constitute a strong benchmark for any future competitors to meet. This tool is helping to provide elite level Australian divers with a technological edge. Dive Mechanic was developed in CSIRO Data61 for AIS and Diving Australia using the CSIRO Workspace platform.