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Damage to Chilean Wineries


Santiago, Chile (March 2010) – Wineries were also damaged by the terrible earthquake of February 27, 2010. An engineering team surveyed the damage and
issued this report.


Martin Marchetta Successfully Defends Thesis


Mendoza, Argentina (November 2009) – Congratulations to Martin Marchetta, who successfully defended his PhD thesis at UN Cuyo, where he is a professor of
Industrial Engineering.


Newly Released: A Decision Support system for Wineries


Stellenbosch, South Africa (September 2009) – Congratulations to Adri van der Merwe, who has successfully defended her thesis, “A decision support system for
scheduling the harvesting and wine-making processes at a winery”. She completed her research at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, under the guidance of Professor Jan van
Vuuren and Dr. Esbeth van Dyk. Adri has been an active member of the WSCC and we are delighted to report her success. She has begun work at a consultancy in South Africa.
A link to her thesis may be found on this web site under the Resources tab.


CSIRO Researchers Win Prize for WSCC Work


Melbourne, Australia (July 2009) – Drs. Simon Dunstall and Leorey Marquez were awarded a prize from the Mathematical and Information Sciences Division of CSIRO, Australia, for their work with the Wine Supply Chain Council. Congratulations, Simon and Leorey!


Correlation of Wine Consumption and Voting Preferences


Wines and Votes


Atlanta, GA, USA (November 2008) – Recently The San Francisco Chronicle ran a column analyzing the relation between wine production and voting in the 2008 US presidential election. It reported that 99.4% of the wine (by volume) made in the US was made in a state that helped to elect Obama.


With our focus on the entire supply chain, we naturally wondered about consumers. After all, it is they that drive the supply chain; and it
is they, not the wine, that vote. The accompanying chart plots per capita wine consumption among states versus percentage of voters choosing Obama. Clearly the correlation is high (0.768, to be exact).


The upper-rightmost point represents Washington DC, where 93% of the registered voters supported Obama and where the per capita consumption of wine is nearly three times that of the national average (2.4 gallons per capita). Of the states that supported McCain, only Alaska consumes more than the national average.


(Based on the NY Times election summary and Sundale Research.)


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