Working together

Working together

We’re working with partners across the value chain.

The Valuing Sustainability FSP will work with partners who want to embrace sustainable practices, who can see the emerging market and business opportunities associated with doing so, and who are thinking about long term outcomes. Environmental, Social and Governance investment markets are booming and there is growing pressure to ensure these stocks reflect real-world improvements for society, and nature.

CSIRO’s investment in this FSP reflects the organisation’s commitment to ensuring that markets can effectively drive the positive change that investors and consumers increasingly demand, and that these measures of change can inform policy, and underpin further investment, and innovation.

The science and capability that this FSP will develop will underpin diverse benefits for different groups:

  • For investors, it will underpin greater certainty that investments in natural capital are returning clear benefits.
  • For Indigenous and non-Indigenous land and sea managers it will provide opportunities for new and better livelihoods associated with looking after land and water, for using new technologies to monitor change in the ecosystems, and to guide investment in natural capital as the basis of all prosperity.
  • For consumers it will provide choice between products with differing environmental and social impacts.
  • For governments it will broaden environmental accounts to include more and deeper information about how systems are functioning and the wider benefits of those functions, allowing better targeted policy and investment.

Please contact us to discuss how we can work together.