How can we maintain high living standards for a growing population while moving towards sustainable resource use that decouples economic growth from adverse environmental and social impacts? This can be achieved through a transformative approach to the design of our urban and industrial systems that support resource efficiency, waste minimization and greenhouse gas abatement. Our research  supports the development of ambitious policies that are enabling innovation with industries and communities for more sustainable consumption and production.

The Urban and Industrial Transitions Research Group collaborates with industry, government, and the community to create knowledge products and to provide an evidence base for sustainability solutions. We co-design research, develop metrics, data and indicators, facilitate stakeholder engagement and inform strategies and policy. We focus on the eco-efficiency of manufacturing and industry, the environmental and social performance of infrastructure and identify opportunities for responsible procurement and consumption. We are leading the national research agenda in domains such as the circular economy and waste management. We have developed integrated environmental-economic tools that are being used to inform effective decision-making.

We provide important insights of how to manage complex socio-technical systems that provide housing, mobility, energy, water and communication at national, state, city and industry scales.