Taste & Learn™ an evidence-based program


The Taste & Learn™ program was first developed and tested in a pilot study in four schools in Sydney in 2015. The results from this pilot study have been published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior; one article describing the evaluation of the teachers who taught the program (this publication can be made available upon request through the contact form), and the other describing the effects on student outcomes:

Pilot study - Student outcomes


With the results from this pilot study, the program was adapted and the effectiveness was tested in a large cluster randomised controlled trial in 25 schools in NSW and SA. The program effectively increased students’ knowledge about vegetables, their ability to verbalise sensations when eating vegetables, vegetable acceptance and their intention to eat a variety of foods and vegetables. Furthermore, students were more willing to try vegetables when offered and the number of new vegetables they consumed also increased. These positive outcomes show that the Taste & Learn™ program is improving children’s acceptance of vegetables. The results from this study have been published in the peer-reviewed journal Nutrients:

Cluster RCT study - Student outcomes


Teachers evaluated the program and materials positively. They felt the program aligned well to the curriculum and were positive to re-use the program and recommend it to other teachers. Teachers commented that the vegetable tastings were a fun part of the program that allowed for deep learning and that students were very engaged. The results from this evaluation have been published in the peer-reviewed journal Nutrients:

Cluster RCT study - Teacher evaluation


School kids with vegetables