Our team

The Taste & Learn™ program has been developed by a team of sensory and behavioural nutrition scientists and educators.


Sensory and behavioural nutrition scientists

Our sensory and behavioural nutrition scientists investigate influences on sensory perception and eating behaviour and use this knowledge to design programs and products to support food quality, human health and well-being. Our scientists have a good understanding of the development of food preferences, which starts at a very young age. Exposure, repeated eating, building familiarity and eating foods in a positive context are all key parts in learning to like a food. The Taste & Learn™ program uses the aspects of this implicit learning to build acceptance for vegetables.

CSIRO Education & Outreach

For almost 40 years, CSIRO has proudly delivered innovative learning opportunities to schools, teachers and the wider community. CSIRO education experts have been involved in the development of the Taste & Learn™ program from the start to make sure the program aligns well with the Australian curriculum and to the needs of teachers.


The following people were involved in the development and evaluation of the program:

CSIRO staff – Dr Astrid Poelman (project leader), Maeva Broch, Dr David Cox, Vicki Stavropoulos, Darren Vogrig, Jess Heffernan, Dr Janne Beelen, Bonnie Wiggins, Rachel Rothwell, Dr Madeline Willcock, Dr Rod McCrea, Bill Flynn, Leah Solyom

Independent education advisor – Janet Elliot