CSIRO BioFoundry

The CSIRO BioFoundry is a state-of-the-art facility providing bioengineering capability to industry and the R&D community.

Bioengineering capability

Providing high-throughput bioengineering capability, the CSIRO BioFoundry uses hardware and software solutions to rapidly design, build and test new biotechnologies. It is envisioned as a focal point of cutting-edge technology and will serve as a hub for the synthetic biology community.

We collaborate with industry and academia looking for solutions  to rapidly innovate the development of bio-based products.

The CSIRO BioFoundry – Open for business

CSIRO’s BioFoundry is based at the Ecosciences Precinct at Dutton Park and we are open for business. We welcome academia and industry, Australian and international clients. Please contact us with your enquiry via the form on the BioFoundry Contact page.

CSIRO recognises The University of Queensland as a founding member of the BioFoundry and thanks them for their contributions during the facility’s establishment.

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Watch the introductory video to the CSIRO BioFoundry.