BioFoundry Equipment & Services

Our services

We specialise in high-volume, combinatorial genetic Design and high-throughput genetic strain Build using our suite of robotics for DNA assembly and transformation.

Our Test capacity extends to basic phenotyping and we offer access to metabolomics and other facilities in CSIRO.

Design – Build – Test – Learn

The CSIRO BioFoundry offers services in the Synthetic Biology Design- Build – Test – Learn bioengineering cycle. Choose the services that suit your project from our modular pipeline.

Development of Machine Learning (ML) based analysis of results is underway, and we are looking for projects to expand this capability.

Our equipment

We have a full suite of specialist equipment available in the CSIRO BioFoundry to meet the needs of high-volume projects in synthetic biology and related fields. Our equipment allows us to perform full workflows, from DNA assembly to phenotypic assays.




Labcyte Echo 525 acoustic liquid handler

PCR and DNA assembly preparation

Cybio Felix pipetting liquid handler

PCR and DNA assembly prep transformation

DNA extraction

Singer Instruments PIXL colony picking robot

Colony picking from solid medium to liquid or solid

ZAG DNA Analyzer

High-throughput DNA capillary electrophoresis

Cytoflex S flow cytometer

Microorganism population analysis

Cytation 5 multimode plate reader

Microorganism analysis

DNA quantitation

Multiflo FX Multimode dispenser

Microplate dispenser

Microplate washer

LightCycler480 II


C1000 thermal cyclers x 2

PCR and DNA assembly

96 and 384 blocks

Climatron plant growth cabinet

Photosynthetic organism growth

SciClone G3

PCR and DNA assembly preparation transformation

DNA extraction

Cytoflex SRT Cell sorter (due May 2021)

Fluorescence-activated cell sorting