Selection Criteria

Note that alignment of projects is an eligibility requirement; proposals that do not align with one or more of the Application Domains and/or Science Domains will not be assessed. Projects must also align with the definition of SynBio. For the purposes of this Call, SynBio is defined as ‘the design and construction of biological parts, devices, and organisms, usually based on DNA-encoded componentry; and their application for useful purposes.’ As noted in the Eligibility Criteria, projects under the Maximizing Impact Application Domain may not have engineering components directly, but they must still demonstrate a broad capability development applicable in the synthetic biology domain.

1.     Excellence and Track Record of the Applicant (40 %)

The excellence and track record of the applying Fellow will be assessed with consideration for output relative to opportunity. Publications, bibliometrics, benchmarking, awards, etc. will be used to assess the applicant. The applicant’s CV will be used to assess this selection criterion; the CV Template must be used to prepare the CV.

2.     Ground-breaking, excellent science (30 %):

One of the major purposes of the FSP is to generate new programs of work in Synthetic Biology. Expressions of interest will be selected on the scientific merits of the proposals. This includes the excellence and novelty of the work. If there are indications that the work proposed is simply a continuation of existing projects, then the proposal is not suitable.

3.     Capability Building (20 %):

Expressions of interest will be scored on the capability that they contribute to the FSP. The capability requirements of the FSP are those that enable the four Science Domains (described above). Growing an Australian community of practice in SynBio is a key outcome for the FSP, and as such capability can be drawn from CSIRO, universities and other research agencies. Leveraging FSP investment through co-investment is a favourable outcome, as it allows improved capability building potential for the FSP. Scoring in this section will include how closely proposals align with the Application Domains and Science Domains of the FSP (described above).

4.     Feasibility (10 %)

Is the project technically and practically feasible? Does the applicant’s track record support the project? Is appropriate mentorship available, and does the Mentor/Mentoring Team’s track record support the project? What will be the role of each person? Does the Research Environment support the project? High risk, ambitious and/or ‘blue-sky’ projects are encouraged, but must be considered feasible with the resources available to the investigator.

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