How to Apply

Before applying you should read and understand these application Guidelines and the Application Form in full.

To download a PDF copy of the Application Guidelines [ddownload id=”838″ text=”Download Application Guidelines”]

Application packages must include:

  • A completed Application Form
    [ddownload id=”831″ text=”Download Application Form”]
  • A completed budget prepared using the Budget Pro Forma provided
    [ddownload id=”829″ text=”Download Budget Pro Forma”]
  • A completed Milestone table prepared using the Milestone Template provided
    [ddownload id=”853″ text=”Download Milestone Template”]
  • A CV for the applicant and one for each Mentor, each completed on the CV Template provided
    [ddownload id=”830″ text=”Download CV Template”]
  • A letter of support from the host Mentor, one from the CSIRO Mentor, and one from any partner organisations/collaborators.

The Certification by the Host Organisation at the end of the Application Form should be signed by an appropriate representative from the host organisation (e.g. Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research, Director of Research Office, or similar officer).

Letters of support should outline the strategic alignment of the research project with host organisation/CSIRO group/partner organisation/collaborator, and any expected cash contribution. The Host Organisation Mentor letter should also act as a recommendation and letter of support for the Applicant. Letters should be drafted on the organisation’s letterhead and signed by an appropriate representative. Letters should be 1-2 pages long.

All application documents must be assembled, in the order listed above, into a single PDF which must be submitted through the Host Organisation’s research office by email to, no later than 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, 1 March 2019.

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