Mahesh PrakashMahesh Prakash Dr Mahesh Prakash is a principal research scientist and group leader in the CSIRO Data61 business unit. His key research interests include the application of computational methods to natural hazards phenomenon, integration of modelling, analytics and GIS to improve disaster preparedness and the exploration of new modelling approaches to developing mitigation strategies against natural hazards.
Raymond Cohen Dr Raymond Cohen is a Senior Research Scientist within Data61’s Computational Modelling Group who specialises in computational modelling of urban flooding, fluid dynamics and biomechanics. His application areas include urban flood modelling and adaptation assessment; elite sports modelling of platform diving and swimming; and strategic research into automated motion capture. Raymond holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Melbourne.
James HiltonJames Hilton Dr James Hilton is a senior research scientist in the Data61 business unit in CSIRO. He joined CSIRO in 2007 as a Postdoctoral Fellow. Prior to this, he was a postdoctoral researcher working in the Complex Systems group in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. His research interests are in the fields of applied computational fluid and solid dynamics. His current projects involve the development of the propagation model within the Swift framework.
Fareed MirzaFareed Mirza Fareed Mirza is a software engineer and modeller within the Integrated Modelling & Info Systems team. Following his Bachelor in Surveying and Land Information (Melb Uni) he worked for six years as developer, trainer and consultant for two firms specialling in surveying and civil engineering software tools. He then completed a Masters of Information technology (RMIT) and three years as a developer of telephony systems. He commenced full-time employment with CSIRO in 2004 as a software developer and modeller of water systems. Over those 13 years Fareed has worked across different teams and with various scientists to develop, use and present outcomes of modelling tools and projects to both internal and external clients, with a focus on the water industry in Australia.
imgresVincent Lemiale Dr Vincent Lemiale is a senior research scientist and team leader of the Natural Systems Modelling team in the CSIRO Data61 business unit. Since joining CSIRO in 2007 he has been involved in numerous multi-disciplinary projects across CSIRO. As a result he has developed a broad range of research interests including computational modelling of natural hazards such as bushfires and landslides, along with development and applications of advanced computational methods in the field of solid mechanics.
Lachlan HethertonLachlan Hetherton Lachlan Hetherton is a software engineer from the Computational Modelling and Simulation Group in CSIRO, where he specialises in developing visualisation capabilities for Workspace. Specifically, he has implemented Workspace’s 3D scene rendering, as well as the recently added NetCDF and GeoSpatial plugins. Prior to joining CSIRO in 2009, Lachlan worked as a consultant for Accenture, designing and developing solutions for a diverse range of projects in the telecommunications space.

Nikhil Garg

Nikhil Garg is a postdoctoral fellow within the Natural Hazard and Infrastructure team in Data61 CSIRO. Prior to joining Data61 in 2017, he was a PhD student at School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Nanyang Technological University where he studied the effects of air-sea interaction on hurricane using a coupled atmosphere-ocean-wave model. His current interests include application of computational methods for modelling natural hazards such as flooding and bushfires and coupling of Conformal Cubic Atmosphere model with the Spark and Swift framework.

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