Cross Platform C++ Software Engineer – 3 Months

March 27th, 2019

Cross Platform C++ Software Engineer – 3 Months

The Opportunity

A mid-to-senior level Cross Platform C++ Software Engineer Contractor is required to join our Wildcat SLAM acceleration. Wildcat is a cutting edge C++ Simultaneous Location and Mapping (SLAM) library developed by CSIRO’s Data61 Robotics and Autonomous Systems Group.

Wildcat is a key enabling technology in robotics perception for autonomous robot operation. It processes various sensor data, including 3D lidar and IMU data, in order to produce an accurate trajectory of the robot in 3D space as well as a detailed 3D point cloud map of the explored environment.

Wildcat is an evolution of our previous developed SLAM technologies which has been successfully commercialised in collaboration with GeoSLAM. It is currently being used as a key technology in an UAV (drone) automation startup.

Your duties will include

A mid-to-senior level Cross Platform C++ Software Engineer Contractor is required to help port the Wildcat Linux implementation to first work with ROS, then to support Windows 10. This Software Engineer will initially convert existing CMake project scripts from ROS/catkin layout to the ROS2 ament CMake layout to work with the Colcon meta build system.

The Software Engineer will address any ROS/ROS2 compatibility issues as well as convert any Linux specific code to support a Windows implementation, creating software abstractions as required.

To be successful you will need

• 3+ years C++ development experience
• Proven experience in delivering software products
• Experience using CMake to setup C++ projects
• Linux and Windows development experience
• Preferred: Experience in 3D geometry processing
• Preferred: ROS development experience

Location: Pullenvale, QLD

Tenure: Contractor for 3 months

About CSIRO’s Data61

CSIRO’s Data61 is the largest data innovation group in Australia. Bringing together CSIRO’s Productivity team and National ICT Australia (NICTA), we are unrivalled in our intellectual capital and our network with the global technology marketplace.

The combined group brings together approximately 600 research staff working in digital technologies to create benefit for Australia. Data61 continues to develop Australia’s future leaders with its strong 300+ PhD student program in collaboration with the best universities across Australia.

The CSIRO Robotics and Autonomous Systems Group (RASG), located in Brisbane, is part of the Cyber Physical Systems Research Program (CPS) of Data61, and is one of the leading applied robotics and autonomous systems research labs in the world.

It has over 45 researchers and engineers, as well as many research interns, graduate students and visiting scientists. The RASG has extensive laboratory facilities and research infrastructure and has a broad spectrum of collaborations with other CSIRO business units, as well as many universities and research centres in Australia and abroad.

Apply Online

For more information and to apply, email

Please provide a CV and cover letter outlining your suitability and motivation for the role.

We’re working hard to recruit diverse people and ensure all our people feel supported to do their best work and empowered to let their ideas flourish.

Applications Close

10th April 2019.

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