Automated Dataset Collection via Artificial Curiosity

August 19th, 2020

Project description

Collecting datasets is time consuming but is often necessary for current deep learning techniques. A more appealing method is to automatically collect datasets by having robots explore their surroundings themselves.

This has been possible in the past but has required much hand-engineering. With advancements in intrinsic reward and “artificial curiosity” collecting diverse datasets could be much easier.

We look at investigating this further by applying state of the art self-supervised techniques to collect a motion capture dataset of a robotic arm manipulating its surroundings. This will build on top of this work.

Requirements and eligibility

We expect to see a record of a satisfactory academic standard.

Required skills: Programming (C++, Python) and experience with robot simulators. Experience with robot arms and ROS is beneficial.

How to apply

Industrial internships are not part of a formal program so to apply please contact Dr David Howard via to discuss your interest.

Please supply the following information and documentation at time of contact for your application to be considered:

  • a current c.v.
  • details of grades or an academic transcript
  • the degree you are enrolled in
  • number of years completed


Dr David Howard via

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