The Remote Management Centre (RMC) is a visualisation laboratory based at CSIRO’s QCAT facility in Pullenvale, Queensland and part of the Sustainable Mining Technologies group in CSIRO’s Minerals Resources business unit.

The work in this facility is focused on improving safety, productivity and sustainability by applying tele-technologies in the areas of operation, supervision, collaboration and assistance. The application of these technologies involves fundamental and applied research into Human Systems Integrations (HSI).

In addition to the research work in the facility, the RMC is used to demonstrate current and developing projects at CSIRO, and regularly hosts groups from industry, government, academia and the general public (100s of people from over a hundred organisations each year, both local and international).

The lab features a 6m cylindrical display system, high-resolution displays, wearable computing gear, immersive Mixed, Augmented and Virtual Reality devices (Vive/Oculus/Hololens/Vuzix/Moverio and many others), high-speed networking and high-performance graphics.

The RMC facility also maintains a 5x2m, 8K eight screen, interactive display wall in the QCAT library space (as part of the I3Hub facility), along with two mobile, 4K four screen, interactive displays, and a 7x5m facility for collaborative VR called the QCAT Interactive Mining Area (with another 3×2 display wall, wraparound projectors and 7.1ch sound system).

Our Volumetric Video Capture stage has been operational since 2020 and recording content!