Chemspeed SwingXL

Chemspeed SWING XL: robotic synthesis, formulation and processing

The Chemspeed robotic synthesis platforms are transforming the way that scientists are undertaking their materials development. The robotic platforms can undertake most chemical manipulations that a chemist could traditionally undertake at the bench/hood (including keeping things inert). Automation offers the ability to increase throughput, reproducibility and consistency.

This is extremely important when undertaking systematic studies and optimising materials and formulations.

Automated steps include the dispensing of solids, gels and liquids, refluxing and vortexing, shear mixing, centrifugation, drying and sonication all under an inert atmosphere.

Example workflows that have been developed to date include:

  • RAFT and other polymer synthesis techniques
  • anionic polymerisation
  • kinetic polymerisation studies
  • polymer nanoparticle formulation
  • metal nanoparticle formulation
  • amphiphile nanoparticle self-assembly
  • mesoporous silica nanoparticles
  • metal organic framework synthesis
  • ionic liquid synthesis
  • catalyst impregnation.

We are interested in working with our clients and partners to utilise this impressive capability, but also to develop further workflows.

inside of robotic instrument

inside of Chemspeed platform