Radio Galaxies

Centaurus B is a bright, nearby radio galaxy. The radio image shows two oppositely-directed jets escaping from a central super-massive black hole, along with several bright knots and faint emission from material expanding into the surrounding space.

Centaurus B


The Norma cluster is a group of gravitationally-linked galaxies that contains several interesting and well studied objects, including ESO 137-001, a famous Jellyfish Galaxy. In the RACS image we can see extended radio emission from two of the cluster galaxies and several other bright sources scattered throughout.

The Norma Cluster


The rather unassuming object highlighted within the cross-hairs in the image below, TGSS J1530+1049, is one of the most distant radio galaxies discovered to date. The galaxy is at a red shift of z=5.72 and is situated close to the presumed end of the Epoch of Reionisation. Despite its distance, it is easily detected within a 15-minute RACS snapshot.

TGSS J1530+1049