RACS-mid1 DR2

RACS-mid1 catalogues and full-sensitivity images

The second data release (DR2) of RACS-mid1 consists of curated and combined images made from the 1493 tiles observed as part of RACS-mid1 at 1367.5 MHz.

This data release sees images of the tiles associated with RACS-mid1 survey at 1367.5 MHz (with 144 MHz bandwidth), convolved to a common resolution, and mosaicked with neighbouring images to obtain near-uniform sensitivity images covering the sky up to declination +49 degrees. Released are the 1493 Stokes I total intensity images constructed in this manner, and the resulting source and component catalogue covering the region. These tile catalogues were combined together and duplicates removed. These near-uniform sensitivity images and catalogues are the recommended data products for general use.

An additional set of images are produced at a fixed resolution of 25″ times 25″, to match the RACS-low1 DR1 catalogue at 887.5 MHz  with coverage up to declination +30 degrees. An auxiliary catalogue is produced with these 25″ images intended for simple cross-matching to the RACS-low1 DR1 catalogue or for users who required a position-independent resolution.

The uniform sensitivity images and curated catalogues are available through the CSIRO ASKAP Science Data Archive (CASDA): https://doi.org/10.25919/p524-xb81.

CatalogueDeclinationMedian resolutionAreaMedian noiseNsourcesNcomponents
Primary≤ +49 degrees11.2″ times 9.3″36 200 deg2182 μJy PSF–13 105 6684 199 578
25-arcsec≤ +30 degrees25″ times 25″30 900 deg2278 μJy PSF–12 154 5852 521 038
Summary statistics of the primary catalogue and the fixed-resolution 25-arcsec catalogue.

RACS-mid1 time-domain catalogue

In addition to the curated catalogues, another auxiliary catalogue is produced without additional mosaicking or convolution of the Stokes I images. This catalogue version also retains sources that are detected/measured more than once (i.e. duplicates) such that all entries are for a unique epoch. This catalogue also includes data from the 88 duplicate observations. The intended use of this catalogue is for users who require epoch-specific measurements of sources. These “time-domain” catalogues can be found in this Data Access Portal (DAP) collection: https://doi.org/10.25919/p8ns-da63.