The Queensland Centre for Advanced Technologies is a collaboration between the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and the State Government of Queensland.

The establishment of the Centre flows from an agreement between the Australian and Queensland Governments in 1990 to expand and diversify the research and development activities undertaken by CSIRO in Queensland. With an investment from the State Government of $21.5M the Centre commenced operation in 1992 and was officially opened in 1993.

A further investment of $24.43 million by the Queensland Government for physical infrastructure, together with a continuing investment of $23 million through the Commonwealth Government and industry, has enabled the Centre to increase its research portfolio through a QCAT Stage 2 expansion. As part of the initial expansion the Centre has established new laboratory space, office and process bay accommodation and a technology transfer building to accommodate associated industry companies and staff.

Following the construction of new facilities, Stage Two was opened in 2000. See Public Works report

These activities are conducted in close collaboration and consultation with industrial, academic, consultant and Government groups to ensure that the quality of research and development undertaken at QCAT is of only the highest standards vital to Queensland and the future of Australia. The unique mix of disciplines and industry applications located at QCAT combined with state-of-the-art laboratories has achieved a spirit of excellence, cooperation and client industry delivery which is outstanding.


Historical Projects

  • Queensland Supercomputing Laboratories (QSL)
  • Magnesium Foundary (Squeeze Casting)
  • Gravity Gradiometer