2011 Innovation and Excellence Day

July 28th, 2011

Date: Thursday 28th July @ 1pm- 4:30pm
This year’s theme, Energy, water & skills: challenges for the resource sector, will focus on the challenging and ever changing social, political and natural environment for miners and the resource sector in Australia.
Presentation on the day will cover topics such as;
investigating science and technologies that can be used as mining adapts to climate change and a carbon restrictive economy;
looking at water, too much or too little, either is a challenge that must be meet;
and as the skill set of mining and processing changes what will that mean for future employee in these industries and will Australia have enough to meet industry needs.
Proposed speakers
Minister Stephen Robertson MP will give opening address
QRC – Michael Roche
Orica – Geoff Brent
GE – Tim to meet??
CSIRO – Dr Calum Drummon – via Video Conference
CSIRO – Climate Adaptation – Andrew Ash?