1999 QCAT Work Achievement and Staff Service Awards

October 1st, 1999

The Queensland Centre for Advanced Technologies (QCAT) recognises that its most valuable asset is the quality of its people. CSIRO Exploration and Mining’s Mr Alan Scott and CSIRO Minerals Dr John Clout each received one of two 1999 QCAT Awards. The awards are presented annually to QCAT Staff whose work is recognised by their peers as outstanding or unique, and whose dedication and commitment to QCAT’s objectives and staff is beyond the “normal call of duty”.

This years work achievement award was presented to Dr John Clout for his outstanding scientific contribution to the processing of iron ores, which generates substantial industry funding and support for CSIRO and QCAT. These contributions have included a substantially improved iron ore classification scheme, new options for downstream dry processing of both fine and lump iron ores, new laboratory tests allowing for reliable prediction of sintering performance and the establishment of a new method of measuring energy directly from a crusher.

The second award category for Staff Service was presented to Mr Alan Scott for his tremendous contribution to the continuing success of QCAT. Alanís work over the past year has included Treasurer of the QLD Benevolent Fund, CSIRO Exploration and Mining’s staff opinion poll coordinator, member of the Site Management Committee and actively encouraging the environmental management and community awareness activities for QCAT and QCAT Stage 2.