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Putting science into practice

A sample PyroPage

Welcome to the CSIRO PyroPage archive.

This webpage is a repository of CSIRO’s PyroPage bulletins, a bushfire science communication tool intended to provide bushfire practitioners with a rapid summary of critical new research results from CSIRO’s Bushfire Behaviour and Risks team. Each PyroPage is a short 1-2 page document issued soon after formal publication of an article in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

It is envisaged that PyroPage will be published roughly once a month. While most topics will primarily concentrate on bushfire behaviour science, some topics may be more focussed on providing tools and information for the applied forecasting of fire propagation (such as by a fire behaviour analyst), fire danger or fire risk, while others may be more focussed on the use of fire as a land management tool.

Please forward PyroPage to anyone who you think might find it of interest.

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