Data Analysis

Accessing the Data

All the data obtained in PULSE@Parkes sessions are freely and publicly available.

There are two versions of the data available:

  1. The student database uses 8-channel files that can be viewed online and used in the online module or downloaded as .txt files and imported into software such as Excel for analysis. A typical file is of order 150 KB.
  2. Full data sets are accessible via the CSIRO Data Access Portal. Files are are in the PSRFITS format and large. The code for all PULSE@Parkes data is P595. Individual files are large, typically about 4 GB. Documentation can be found on the Parkes Pulsar Data Users Guide.
Display of pulsar data from the Medusa backend on Parkes

Screengarb of 5 different data displays from Medusa during a pulsar observing session.

Example of pulsar data displayed on the Medusa backend during an observing session.

Using the Data

Currently there is one online module students can use to analyse their data. This module uses the concept of Dispersion Measure to determines distances to the observed pulsars. It does not require any installation or plugins and should work in most web browsers.

  1. Pulsar Distance Module

We are working on additional online modules related to PULSE@Parkes sessions and data and hope to have them up soon.

Links and resources

  1. PULSE@Parkes student database
  2. Pulsar distance online module
  3. Document with suggested student challenges and investigations: PDF, Word Docx
  4. ATNF Pulsar Catalogue is the official catalogue globally for known pulsars.
  5. Aladin Sky Atlas (external link)