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Boschetti, F., C. M. Bulman, A. J. Hobday, E. A. Fulton, S. Contardo, H. Lozano-Montes, L. M. Robinson, A. D. M. Smith, J. Strzelecki and E. I. v. Putten (2020). Sectoral futures are conditional on choices of global and national scenarios – Australian marine examples. Frontiers in Marine Science 7: 563205, doi: 563210.563389/fmars.562020.563205.

Hobday, A. J., F. Boschetti, C. Moeseneder, R. L. Stephenson, C. Bessey, C. M. Bulman, S. Contardo, C. Cvitanovic, J. M. Dambacher, L. X. C. Dutra, E. A. Fulton, A. Lenton, L. R. Little, B. Mapstone, K. S. McDonald, E. E. Plaganyi, H. Pethybridge, P. Rothlisberg, J. Strzelecki, P. A. Thompson and I. v. Putten (2020). Quantitative foresighting as a means of improving anticipatory scientific capacity and strategic planning. One Earth, 3(5): 631-644


McDonald, K. S., A. J. Hobday, P. A. Thompson, A. Lenton, R. L. Stephenson, B. D. Mapstone, L. X. C. Dutra, C. Bessey, F. Boschetti, C. Cvitanovic, C. M. Bulman, E. A. Fulton, C. H. Moeseneder, H. Pethybridge, E. E. Plagányi, E. I. v. Putten and P. C. Rothlisberg (2019). Active, reactive and inactive pathways for scientists in a changing world. Earth’s Future 7:


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2017 and earlier

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Boschetti, F., E. A. Fulton and N. J. Grigg (2015). Citizens’ Views of Australia’s Future to 2050. Sustainability 7: 222-247; doi:10.3390/su7010222.  Download a 6 page project summary at 2050 Focus Group Feedback

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Richert, C., F. Boschetti, I. Walker, J. Price and N. Grigg (2016). Testing the consistency between goals and policies for sustainable development: mental models of how the world works today are inconsistent with mental models of how the world will work in the future. Sustainability Science: 1-20. doi:10.1007/s11625-016-0384-2.

van Putten, I., C. Cvitanovic and E. A. Fulton (2016). A changing marine sector in Australian coastal communities: An analysis of inter and intra sectoral industry connections and employment. Ocean & Coastal Management 131: 1-12

Interesting reading by other authors

Costanza, R., P. W. B. Atkins, M. Bolton, S. Cork, N. J. Grigg, T. Kasser and I. Kubiszewski (2017). Overcoming societal addictions:What can we learn from individual therapies? Ecological Economics 131: 543–550. download pdf.

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