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Research Staff

Research Group Leader

thumb_a100880e-dc9a-4dbc-ba33-7eb13119693b-png Dali Kaafar. Senior Principal Research Scientist

Prof. Dali Kaafar is the Group Leader of the Networks Group and a Senior Principal Researcher at Data61. His main research interests are in the area of data Privacy, Networks Security and Performance modelling. He holds the position of visiting professor of the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS). He was previously a research leader and a principal researcher at the Mobile Networks Systems group at NICTA and a researcher at the Privatics team at INRIA in France. Prof. Kaafar obtained a Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Nice Sophia Antipolice at Inria France. He published over 200 scientific peer-reviewed papers with several repetitive publications in the prestigious ACM SIGCOMM and IEEE INFOCOM. Prof. Kaafar is also a member of the editorial board of the Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium and Journal (PETS and PoPETS). In 2015, he has been appointed as the editor of the IEEE Internet Computing on Small Wearables and currently serves as the associate editor of the ACM Transactions on Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Computing Systems. He is also member of several technical committees including the ACM International Conference on emerging Networking EXperiments and Technologies (CoNEXT), ACM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC) and WWW. He is the general Chair of Passive Active Measurement 2017.

Research Staff

DavidSmith_photo1-150x150 David Smith. Senior Research Scientist, Network Measurements and Modelling Team
My research interests include:

  • Game theory for distributed networks;
  • Distributed optimisation for wireless mesh networks and 5G Networks;
  • Smart-grid communications and demand-side management;
  • Wireless networks for disaster response;
  • Body area networks — technologies and systems.
  • Privacy preserving technologies for releasing data, information-theoretic.
photoGJ-150x150 Guillaume Jourjon. Senior Research Scientist, Data Privacy Team
My research interests revolve around network measurements, fraud detection, and new network architectures.  My current projects include:

  • Large Scale Measurement Architecture and performance evaluation;
  • Network Economics;
  • Software Defined Networking;
  • Multi-threaded high-speed packet processing for network bound applications;
  • Cyber-security.
 Photo-on-9-05-2014-at-5.07-pm-150x150 Hassan Asghar. Research Scientist, Data Privacy Team
I am mainly interested in research in cryptography, information security and privacy. Within these broad fields, my current research areas are:

  • Design and analysis of observation resistant password systems
  • Topics in cryptography such as identification protocols and multi-party computation
  • Application of cryptography for network security such as secure network function virtualisation
  • Formal treatment of privacy threats and application of privacy preserving technologies for sharing/releasing data
 kanchana_profile-150x150 Kanchana ThilakarathnaResearch Scientist, Network Measurements and Modelling Team
Along with the ever advancing capabilities of mobile devices and increasing popularity of services/applications of creating, sharing and consuming variety of personal information online, have created a number of issues associated with user privacy, security, trust and user control over personal data. My research interests are in developing mechanisms for preserving user privacy, and security when using online services, without negatively impacting the cost/usability and without breaking the existing online services ecosystem.
Photo_MingDing Ming Ding, Senior Research Scientist, Network Measurements and Modelling Team

My research interests:

  • Information theory and wireless communications
  • Modelling, measurement and simulation of networks
  • Large-scale network performance analysis
  • Privacy preserving data publication technologies
Photo_Sara Sara Khalifa, Research Scientist, Network Measurements and Modelling Team
Sara is a Researcher at the Networks Research Group, Data61|CSIRO. Her broad research interests revolve around pervasive and mobile computing with a particular focus on smart wearables, Internet of Things, energy harvesting, pattern recognition, and indoor positioning.
photo Suranga Seneviratne, Research Scientist, Data Privacy Team
My research interests are in Mobile Security & Privacy and Applied Machine Learning and Data Mining to solve networking problems.

I received my PhD in Electrical Engineering from University of New South Wales, Australia in 2015. Currently, I am also a conjoint lecturer at the Department of Computer Science at University New South Wales.

 TR Thierry RakotoariveloSenior Research Scientist, Team Leader Network Measurements and Modelling Team
My research interests focus on large scale cyber-physical systems such as IoT systems, sensor networks, or Internet-wide testbeds. I am interested in:

  • the design, provisioning, and orchestration of these systems
  • experiment-driven evaluations and measurement campaigns on such systems
  • the collection, curation and staging of their produced data
  • the analysis and algorithms to extract meaningful information from these data

Engineering Staff

1785942 Jonathan Chan. Senior Research Engineer, Data Privacy Team

I am a CISSP and CRISC, and my current research interests are:

  • Secure and usable authentication for online users
  • Privacy engineering and risk management
  • Business Process Compliance
 PaulTyler Paul TylerSenior Engineer, Data Privacy Team
 Paul is a research engineer with an interest in bringing research to the domain of transport and infrastructure. Paul is particularly interested in:

  • connected and automated vehicles
  • traffic control systems
  • data privacy and security in transport environments
Xiniong Guan, Research Engineer

Contributed Staff

Brian Anderson. Distinguished Research Scientist; Professor ANU
 Brian research interests have included many contributions in the area of circuits, signal processing and control, and currently his work focuses on distributed control of multiagent systems, sensor network localization, and econometric modelling.
Guaoqiang Mao. Senior Principal Research Scientist; Professor UTS
Mahbub Hassan, Senior Principal Research Scientist; Professor UNSW
Holz_Ralph_150x200-150x150 Ralph Holz, Research Scientist; Lecturer University of Sydney
My research interests revolve around security and (network) measurement, with a decidedly empirical approach. My current interests are:

  • Global-scale measurement of Internet service deployments and their security
  • Data-driven security mechanisms
  • Analysis of blockchain technology and its implications
 glynn-rogers Glynn Rogers, Visiting Scientist
 malcolm-crompton Malcolm Crompton. Visiting Scientist; Managing Director of Information Integrity Solutions Pty Ltd