Craig Russell. Principal Research Engineer
Now with Canopus Networks.I have 20 years experience in the design, implementation and operation of large data networks, both in the commercial and research sectors. Prior to joining CSIRO I worked as a network engineer for a tier-2 telecommunications carrier and as a software engineer for a multinational company. I also attained the highest level of industry certification in networking (Cisco Certified Inter-networking Expert, CCIE).
Dali Kaafar. Professor, Macquarie University
Now with Macquarie University.

Prof. Dali Kaafar is the Founder of the Information Security and Privacy Group and Leader of the Networks Group. He is the Executive Director of the Optus Macquarie University Cyber Security Hub and a Professor at the Faculty of Science and Engineering in Macquarie University.

photoGJ-150x150 Farhad Farokhi. Research Scientist
Now with the University of Melbourne.Farhad Farokhi holds a Research Fellow position at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Melbourne. Prior to that, he was a McKenzie Fellow at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Melbourne. In 2014, he received his PhD degree in Automatic Control from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. He received his BSc and MSc degrees in Electrical Engineering (Automatic Control), respectively, in 2008 and 2010 from Sharif University of Technology, Iran. During his PhD studies, he was a visiting researcher at the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Farhad has been the recipient of the VESKI Fellowship from the Victorian State Government and the 2015 Early Career Researcher Award from the University of Melbourne. He was also a finalist in the 2014 European Embedded Control Institute (EECI) PhD Award. His research interests include security and privacy of cyber-physical systems, such as smart grids and intelligent transportation systems.
photoGJ-150x150 Guillaume Jourjon. Senior Research Scientist
Now with CSIRO Space and Astronomy Business Unit.

My research interests revolve around network measurements, fraud detection, and new network architectures.  My current projects include:

  • Large Scale Measurement Architecture and performance evaluation;
  • Network Economics;
  • Software Defined Networking;
  • Multi-threaded high-speed packet processing for network bound applications;
  • Cyber-security.
Photo-on-9-05-2014-at-5.07-pm-150x150 Hassan Asghar. Research Scientist
Now with Macquarie University.

I am mainly interested in research in cryptography, information security and privacy. Within these broad fields, my current research areas are:

  • Design and analysis of observation resistant password systems
  • Topics in cryptography such as identification protocols and multi-party computation
  • Application of cryptography for network security such as secure network function virtualisation
  • Formal treatment of privacy threats and application of privacy preserving technologies for sharing/releasing data
Ni Ding. Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Now with University of Melbourne.

My research interests generally include optimizations in information theory, wireless communications, signal processing and machine learning. I am currently interested in the discrete and combinatorial optimization problems raised in the following areas:

  • discrete event control in cross-layer adaptive modulation
  • (information theoretic) lossless and lossy data compression
  • information flow over a graph
  • game theory (in particular, the games with strong structures, e.g., supermodular and convex games)
Rahat Masood. Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Data Privacy Team
Now with the University of New South Wales.

My research focuses generally on privacy of mobile and wearable devices (Internet of Things). I aim to identify and combat privacy threats on mobile and wearable devices through the quantification and analysis of user behavioural biometrics. My previous research works include risk measurement and evaluation of critical infrastructures, through threat models and risk methodologies.

sara-khalifa Sara Khalifa
Now with the Distributed Sensing Systems Group at CSIRO Data61.
Holz_Ralph_150x200-150x150 Ralph Holz, Lecturer University of Sydney
Now with the University of Sydney.My research interests revolve around security and (network) measurement, with a decidedly empirical approach. My current interests are:

  • Global-scale measurement of Internet service deployments and their security
  • Data-driven security mechanisms
  • Analysis of blockchain technology and its implications
Raghav Bhaskar. Senior Research Scientist
Raghav has experience in the building blocks of cryptography (Digital signatures, Zero-Knowledge Proofs, Anonymous Credentials etc.) and privacy (Differential Privacy, Noiseless Privacy, Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge etc.) and interests in solving real life security and privacy challenges. He has experience of working in corporate research labs (Microsoft Research, British Telecom Labs) as well as agile startup environments.
Dinusha Vatsalan. Research Scientist
Dinusha Vatsalan is a Research Scientist at Data61-CSIRO, Australia, and an Honorary Lecturer in the Research School of Computer Science at the Australian National University. Her research interests are mainly in privacy preserving techniques, privacy in data matching and mining, privacy in social media, privacy risk evaluation and prediction, health informatics, and population informatics. She is currently working on privacy in web search and social media as well as privacy preserving data matching.
Elliott Vercoe. Software Engineer

Elliott is a software engineer with a background in machine learning technologies and data science. Elliott is interested in:

  • Software Engineering and Implementation
  • Data pipelines and management
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Full stack web development
Suranga Seneviratne. Postdoctoral Research Fellow.
Now with the University of Sydney.
Kanchana Thilakarathna. Postdoctoral Research Fellow.
Now with the University of Sydney.
Brian Anderson. Distinguished Research Scientist, Professor, ANU
Brian research interests have included many contributions in the area of circuits, signal processing and control, and currently his work focuses on distributed control of multiagent systems, sensor network localization, and econometric modelling.
Glynn Rogers. Visiting Scientist
Malcolm Crompton. Visiting Scientist; Managing Director of Information Integrity Solutions Pty Ltd
Guaoqiang Mao. Senior Principal Research Scientist, Professor, UTS
Mahbub Hassan, Senior Principal Research Scientist, Professor, UNSW