Student Opportunities

Our Privacy Technology research group contributes to student education by supervising PhD students, supervising undergraduate students for Honours Theses and Summer Internships. We also provide guest lectures at some of our collaborators’ universities in the areas of Data Privacy and Confidentiality.

PhD Scholarships

Data 61 offers a PhD scholarship program, which provides opportunities for outstanding postgraduate students with demonstrated academic and research excellence to advance research projects in strategic priority areas. These areas include data privacy, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, digital services, and more.

This program has 2 calls for applications each year, and our ISP group has several proposed projects within these calls.

To learn more about our PhD scholarship and apply, please go to: Scholarships at CSIRO’s Data61 – CSIRO

Research Internships

PhD students are strongly recommended to do an internship of between three and twelve months duration at a top R&D institution. This can either happen between completing their undergraduate degree and commencing PhD studies, or by taking course leave during their PhD.

Please email one of our Research Scientist directly if you are a PhD student who would be interested in doing an Research Internship with our group.

Honours Theses

Our researchers have several ideas for thesis projects. Please email one of them directly if you are an undergraduate student who would be interested in working on an Honour These project with us.

Summer Internships

Data 61 provides Undergraduate Vacation Studentships over the Australian summer holidays and offers high achieving and promising undergraduate students the opportunity to collaborate with leading CSIRO researchers in our world class facilities.

Our ISP group has several projects available as part of this vacation internship. To learn more and apply please go to: Undergraduate Vacation Studentships – CSIRO