Data Management

Managing data

A range of data management systems and tools which include

  • Data Warehouse, accessed via a custom Data Trawler application
  • MarLIN (Marine Laboratories Information Network), the Divisional data catalogue of dataset descriptions, which contains descriptions of many of the Division’s datasets (not just those held by the Data Centre)
  • CAAB (Codes for Australian Aquatic Biota), a master species database which provides names and codes for some 44,000 marine species which occur in Australian and adjacent waters

Sharing data

Sharing your data can increase your citation rates and lead to wider recognition amongst peers and more opportunities for collaboration.

The Data Centre publishes metadata records from MarLIN to external data portals CSIRO Data Access Portal, AODN and IMOS. Spatial data related to the metadata records are published via the NCMI Geoserver so AODN and IMOS users can visualise the data coverage.

Biological data from the Data Warehouse is published to OBIS and GBIF using the Integrated Publishing Toolkit.


Metadata records are published via a harvester to AODN and IMOS using the ISO19115 standard. The records conform to the Marine Community Profile (MCP V2.0) which specifies the elements that need to be included and the use of a controlled marine community agreed vocabulary covering collection methods, geographic extents etc.


  • MarLIN – search the catalogue of datasets from MNF voyages and other surveys
  • AODN – find data from marine data providers around Australia

Data Management Procedure

The NCMI Information and Data Centre is collaborating with Oceans & Atmosphere to develop our Data Management Procedure. The purpose of the Oceans and Atmosphere Research Data Management Procedure is to:

  • Outline the procedure for Research Data Management at O&A when collecting, processing and archiving data
  • Support the CSIRO-wide Research Data Management Principles with guidelines
  • Point to specific advice and guidance covered in the accompanying Implementation Guide