Marlin FAQs and Help

What is the Marlin Catalogue?

CSIRO O&A data collections are described in metadata records which are held in our metadata catalogue: Marlin

This documentation gives you an overview of the 2020 release of Marlin.

Where else is Marine and Atmospheric data found at CSIRO?

How To Guides

Find data in the Marlin catalogue

Contribute data to the Marlin catalogue

Marlin 101

There is a toolbar at the top of the Marlin landing page. The Marlin interface uses tabs, and the top toolbar has the following tab choices:

  • Search
    • The default tab which provides free text searching with optional filters to refine your search in the left side bar.
    • These options and the advanced search menu are described here.
  • Map:
    • This tab displays a map interface centred on the Australian region but with world extent.
    • Here you can view datasets from the search results as well as data from other OGC services (e.g. GeoServer WFS services) to create a map.
  • Help:
    • Clicking on Help will bring you to these help pages

CSIRO users have access to some records that are not published to the general public, and are able to contribute data to the Marlin catalogue by creating new records. When you sign in (use the “Sign in” drop-down menu with your NEXUS credentials), an additional choice appears in the toolbar. The new tab choice for logged-in users is:

  • Contribute
    • This tab begins the creation of a new metadata record. This process is described here.

Non-CSIRO users can also contribute data. Please contact us.

Contact Us

For data requests and further information contact us at