Students and staff get a lesson from the project’s Lead Scientist

October 19th, 2017

Students got to take a look at mosquito eggs through the microscope.

Grade five students were captivated by wriggling pupae.

Good Counsel Primary’s Principal Liam Kenny and Year six teacher Jerry Brunetto with Dr Nigel Beebe and some very happy students.

Dr Nigel Beebe with CSIRO’s project Engagement Officer Kathryn Dryden, enjoyed the hospitality offered by the College.

Dr Beebe shows students from the College some ‘bug dorms’ – these house mosquitoes that are reared for release.

Good Counsel College recently invited Innisfail Mozzie project’s Lead Scientist Dr Nigel Beebe along to a near full day of science classes to tell the students about the biology of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, the tropical diseases that it is known to spread, and what CSIRO and partners are doing in the Innisfail area to hopefully reduce their numbers.

The school’s Finance Manager, Mrs Liz Clark approached the research team’s community engagement staff following a presentation by the project team at a local Chamber of Commerce meeting.

“I was excited to hear that Innisfail is going to be a part of such groundbreaking research that could potentially save lives.  The opportunity to have CSIRO staff visit the school and educate the students was not to be missed,” said Mrs Clark.

Dr Beebe presented to students from grades five through to eleven, and was impressed with their enthusiasm.

“It was great to see the students so interested in the project and in science overall,” he said. “And they asked great questions.”

Mrs Clark thanked Dr Beebe and CSIRO’s project Engagement Officer Kathryn Dryden for visiting the school, saying that Dr Beebe was fantastic, informative and engaging.

The College’s Laboratory Assistant, Deena Jones said, “I found Dr Beebe, extremely knowledgeable and learnt a lot about mosquitoes and the process of the experiment, that is about to be conducted. I think that Innisfail is very lucky to have beeen chosen as a test pilot for the eradication of the Aedes aegypti mosquito.”

The project team is keen to present to more schools and community groups in and around the Innisfail area to help inform the broader community about studies involving the release of sterile male mosquito beginning in the coming weeks.

Schools and community groups can arrange a presentation by calling 1800 403 083 or via email at