Membrane Materials/Processes

Emerging membrane technologies for desalination and industrial wastewater treatment

  • Demonstration of high water recovery by membrane distillation (MD) and its application for Reverse Osmosis (RO) brine concentrate management.
  • Demonstration of application of MD on salt separation/recovery and VOC removal for industrial water reuse in collaboration with mining industries.
  • Development of new membrane materials and new module assembly for more efficient performance
  • Process integration to solve more complex problem and achieve near zero discharge

Mixed matrix membranes for solvent dehydration and concentration

  • Development of mixed matrix membranes for more tailored applications; e.g. organic solvent dehydration/concentration, aqueous salt separation and concentration
  • Fundamental studies and broad characterisation of membrane material: morphology analyses, heat and mass transport studies, additives comparison studies
  • Membrane fabrication and integrity tests via a wide array of state of art membrane casting and testing equipment

 Hybrid organic-inorganic membrane for steam recovery

  • Pioneer in development of low cost hybrid organic-inorganic membranes for industrial steam separation for energy recovery
  • Demonstration scale tests (effective membrane area 1.4 m2) completed: successfully developed a scalable process for membrane fabrication and assembled spiral wound module for smaller footprint use

From lab scale to demonstration units