We are passionate about reducing the environmental impact and energy cost of industrial processes through novel materials and processing. With a dynamic team who strive for excellence, we are working towards delivering customised solutions to Australian and international industries for wastewater treatment and industrial emission control. These projects will have enhanced performance and come at a lower cost to the producer. We can provide stepwise technical support from lab scale to pilot scale.

This is achieved through the development of:

  1. Environmental catalysts for industrial emission control such as catalytic deodorisation and selective catalytic reduction of NOx pollutants;
  2. Advanced membranes and catalyst materials and processes for industrial wastewater treatment, organic/water separation and desalination;
  3. An integrated process approach to solve more complex problems. (to be updated)

Our capabilities

Catalytic deodorisation technology

  • Development of an efficient catalyst deodorisation process with the aim to improve air quality and reduce health hazard. This is achieved through the destruction of odour substances which have been derived from reduced sulphur compounds and volatile organic compounds (VOC) presented in various industrial emissions.
  • CSIRO catalytic deodorisation technology has been successfully demonstrated in various field trials including pulp & paper, cement, edible oils, fish fertiliser and refinery industries in Australia.

Catalytic wet air oxidation (WAO) of industrial effluent

  • CSIRO catalytic WAO process exhibits substantial activity on a broad spectrum of pulping, refinery, textile and chemical industry effluents. These are completed under relatively mild treatment conditions with enhanced efficiency of effluent treatment systems for both colour and COD removal.
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N2O abatement catalysts for chemical production

  • Development of a low cost, high efficient N2O abatement catalyst for nitric acid plants with the aim to remove N2O from industrial tail gases and consequently reduce the emission of N2O – a significant green house gas with an impact of ~310 CO2
  • A large quantity N2O abatement catalysts was successfully produced and proven catalytic performance at commercial scale.

SCR-DeNOx catalysts for coal fired boilers

  • Development of a cost effective high performance selective catalyst reduction DeNOx catalyst for coal-fired power plants to reduce NOx
  • A low temperature mixed oxide DeNOx catalyst has been developed with >95% NOx removal efficiency.

Our typical work map

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